MapleStory Adventures Guide, Walkthrough and Tips

Our MapleStory Adventures Guide will help you out in the beginning of your Journey through the game, new info and tips are always coming out, as the game is new and still in beta phase. This guide will be updated when necessary, you are welcome to help out with tips and other info.

First thing you have to do is choose your class, Warrior or Fighter, this will determine basically your gear weapons and skills to learn. On the contrary of other games it does not have influence on the gameplay, so choose the one your like most based on your personal taste.

After choosing your class you can choose your gender and customize your character.

You are now introduced to Emily your help along the game. She will teach you the basics on the gameplay.

Quests will appear at the top left corner of the screen, you can click on a quest at any time, so check how you are doing.

Each quest will show the requirements on top, in this case to hunt 5 Yellow Ribbon Pigs.

All you need to do is click on the desired target and you hero will attack, each blow will cost 1 energy, and you will get rewards for each attack, energy, food items or random collection items.

Each quest you finish will give you a reward, usually energy, experience and gold. Some quest will reward you with special items.

Equipping items is done by accessing your bag and clicking on the desired item, on the Equip tab. Also in your bag you have consumable items and misc items.

As you gain experience and level up, you can equip better items, to increase your power.

Once you pass the first few stages and get to Henesys, you have access to the map, the map is divided in two parts, the global wider map where you can click on a region a access the region map.

Victoria Island Map


Henesys Map

At this time you have already reached Henesys, you can look around and follow the suggested quests.

Crafting is an important part of MapleStory Adventures, lets you produce some material using others, the first think you need to do is buy a Cauldron.

You can access the crafting menu by clicking on Yulete, the character near the cauldron in the village.

In the Crafting screen, cauldrons are at the bottom, initially you can buy only one, additional cauldrons requires you to reach higher levels.

For Crafting you must have the necessary materials, and you have to buy the recipe the first time.

Collections are formed by items, this items are dropped by you enemies, each time you finish a collection you can redeem its reward.

Energy is what gets you around, so you need to watch it carefully to ensure a longer gameplay.

Every time you attack an enemy you spend 1 point of energy.

Every time you are attacked and successfully hit by an enemy you loose energy, the number you loose, depends on the enemy.

You can use consumables to restore energy, but use them carefully, if you are near to leveling up, use lemons they give 10 energy points, remember that when you level up your energy is fully restored.

Using friends, will allow you to spend much less energy!

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