MapleStory Adventures

  • Genre: Role Playing, Adventure
  • Developer: Nexon
  • GD Star Rating

MapleStory Adventures opens a whole new chapter for Maple World on Facebook. Gather your friends, forge your alliances, and explore a fantastic universe for forgotten treasures and lost realms that never fail to surprise and awe even experienced adventurers! From the mushroom town of Henesys to the deadly sewers of Kerning City, walk your own road, create your own character, and write your own MapleStory Adventures!

MapleStory Adventures is the first Facebook game attempt from Nexon, Nexon specializes in making big, downloadable role-playing and action games on the web. The original MapleStory game has over 100 million players worldwide, and this Facebook version offers a completely new adventure.

MapleStory Adventures can also be seen as a test to see how receptive are Facebook users to new and diversified game genres. Bearing this in mind MapleStory Adventures features a more cartoon style approach than most hard cored MMORPG games.

The game is played in a two-dimensional side-scrolling platform style, the first part or tutorial teaches you the basic gameplay, all you basically need is your mouse, where you have to get to Henesys by defeating monsters, they come in the form of snails, mushrooms and other cute characters.

Your are guided through the game by Emily, your initial friend, and NPC character to help you out while you have no friends.

Technically the game is near to flawless, this was already expected when considering the experience and knowhow of the developers, the soundtrack and sound effects also very nice. Graphics and artworks are fantastic and cute.

Once you get to Henesys, a full world opens up to you, with plenty of features and diversified adventures to explore.

As role playing goes, the whole bundle is available, lots of different weapons, gear, lots of gear to customize your character. Some will be achieved by finishing quests, others are available at the shop.

As usual, some items and features will unlock as you progress in the game, gain experience and levels, this ensures a well balanced game curve not putting you against too difficult opponents.

The gameplay base is energy, it is well balanced, and it comes in a nice form of food, you can gather while you are playing, different food gives different amounts of energy, for example a lemons will replenish 10 energy while a pizza slice will replenish 70. Use your food wisely to provide for longer gameplay.

There are also Pets to adopt, which will help you out on your journeys, also skill improving through learning, and the possibility of crafting items. Crafting allows you to convert items into other items, like magic stones into money or food ingredients to make delicious food.

Friends can be “hired” to play with you helping in your quests against harder opponents, they will appear to fight with a determined amount of energy and will help out while the energy lasts, you can only hire a friend at a time.

The game world is Huge, with tons of stages and places to explore, ensuring a great longevity of play time. Furthermore the game is built in a way to please both younger players and older ones, it is nice a enjoyable to play.

MapleStory Adventures is definitely a fantastic game, and I’m sure it is going to be a great hit on Facebook, it has all the ingredients to do so, and might set a new era on different game to come. I give it a 5 stars Review!

Tips and Tricks

MapleStory Adventures Energy Tips

When you run out of energy, think carefully before choosing which type of food to use, remember that when you level up you energy is refilled, so if you are close to level up, use lemons, they give 10 energy points at a time, and can be what you need to level up.


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