Market Street

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  • Developer: Playdom
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Market Street is no longer available.

We would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and dedication to
Market Street.” can be seen in the app page.


We assure you that the creators of Market Street are dedicated to creating the most addicting social games on the planet, and have decided to suspend further development on this game to focus on bringing even more exciting games to life.

Market Street puts you in charge of running your very own retail store. It’s up to you to decorate your store the way you want with hundreds of items available to choose from.

Stock the shelves with products of your choosing, from clothes and electronics to hardware.Create a music store with the latest CD from “Lady La La” or a hardware store with tools and paint.

Mix and match merchandise, feature “glitter pumps” next to jackhammers and saws. How you display items is just as important as what you sell. The happier your customers are the more that will come.

Market Street is a department store simulation that,  like Mall World, allows you to run, hum… basically a department store.

In Market Street you can sell household tools, high-end consumer electronics, and even the clothing selection includes men’s clothes like ties, blazers, and t-shirts.


Tips and Tricks

Market Street tips

When your clipboard says to change things, you’ll usually get paid well for it as well as advance…but I’ve found some quick ways to do these, and cheaply as well…

Catching burglars… set up a maze at your doors, it will give you time to catch them, although when you click you may get the display info, so try near the door for clicking.

Customer (?) to do… block one of your doors and they may continually line up with the (?)

Rotate display, get a $500 diplay and buy/sell it a few times ( so you have to keep one of these in the first 8 or so levels )

Rotate floor / walls… these are $2 so just wear the 30 bucks!

Stocking / purchasing to dos… rotate in the $3 stuff, but only put one item in your double shelves, and wait for it to run out so you get credit for each stock.

Restocking ( early level to do ) pick a $3 item and restock it every 10 seconds or so.

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market street facebook

Facebook games:Market Street Gameplay/tutorial.

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