Martial Arts Master

  • Genre: role playing, simulation
  • Developer: Softon Entertainment
  • GD Star Rating

In Martial Arts Masters you can form a dojo, train fighters, learn powerful martial arts skills and compete against your friends!

Travel the world to compete against rivals while discovering, practicing and perfecting deadly fighting techniques. Learn powerful skills from taekwondo, karate, judo, kung fu, muay thai and boxing. Do you have what it takes to be a true Martial Arts Master?

When I first saw this game, I sought it was a competitor to Shadow Fight, another action packed fighting game to come to Facebook, providing user with a choice or just one more game to play. But as you start the game you are received by some text pop ups to set the story environment, and in the background an considerable amount of buttons, and a background image of your supposed Dojo.

There is no tutorial to the game, which is bad, even more when the game interface offers so many options to begin with, that can drive you completely lost. Anyway, after a few seconds I decided to hit the train button, and then I was completely disappointed, there is no actual fighting or training in martial arts, just Mafia Wars like bars to fill up… And the whole game is about that, bars with % to fill in order to get your fighter stronger, by learning new tricks and techniques.

Just like in Mafia Wars, Martial Arts Master is all about number, number of friends in you mafia, ups 🙂 , I meant Dojo, the higher the number the stronger your Dojo is, this is important to challenge other players and to defend yourself. Martial Art Master does offer some variation, when you start the game you can choose from 6 different styles, each being particularly stronger against another  particular style, but at the same time more vulnerable to another style.

If you like the Mafia Wars / Vampire Wars style of game play, Martial Arts Master is a nice, complete and demanding game with a different theme Set, that you should probably like. But if you were looking for an actual fighting game you can look somewhere else.

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Martial Arts Master, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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