Maya Pyramid

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Make combinations with Maya! Form as many groups of 11 as you can and break through to the mystical treasure trove!

Maya Pyramid is a Facebook card game similar to the “Pyramid” Solitaire game. You start with a pyramyd of cards and you have to remove all cards from the pyramid, this is done by making groups of 2 or 3 cards that add up to 11. The game uses a deck of 42 cards and 1 joker.

Maya Pyramid gameplay functions look extremely straightforward at a glance, but the game has its own intriguing points. The game requires players to dismantle a set of 24 – 26 cards as quickly as possible. The 24 – 26 cards are face up and another set of help cards are face down. The trick is the more cards that players can dismantle without using the set of help cards, the more points they will score.

Maya Pyramid Graphics and sounds are standard, but the gameplay while seeming simple its really addicting and frenzy, each time you finish a round you can play the treasure room, where you have to match coins, to form pairs of 11 also, but you have to be extremely fast to do it!

For each complete level you can add a stone to your own pyramid, giving the game a more depth gameplay sense and establishing a long term objective. You can also visit friends and send lives to them.

Tips and Tricks

How to Play Maya Pyramid

To remove cards from the Maya Pyramid, players must be able to form card groups that add up to 11. Each card moved from the pyramid has to be free. A light shines on the available cards for easy recognition. The card game is fairly simple, but players must always make sure to use the help cards to be able to form card groups that add up to 11.

However, they should only use the help cards when they cannot form complete groups with the available cards. The help cards reveal cards that can help players complete the card group required. Each complete set changes the sequence of cards. However, as the game progresses and at some point there are no other possibilities to form groups, the game automatically ends, and the player has lost.

To control cards from the Maya Pyramid, players must use the left mouse button to click. The same button applies when searching through the help cards to reveal cards that can form a group that adds up to 11. Extra care should be taken not to reveal all the cards at once since they cannot be used again. Each game is set to last for 4 minutes.

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