Mega Drop Chiclets

  • Genre: Skill, action
  • Developer: Ovni Studios
  • Monthly Users: 1
  • GD Star Rating

Climb the 98 ft. of the Mega Ramp and be prepared for the highest fall of your life. The game Mega Drop Chiclets Evolution gives the player the chance to throw himself from this great ramp and crash on the floor to achieve the best score.

Ovni Studios in partnership with McCann and Kraft Foods launched the game Mega Drop Chiclets Evolution. They were very kind by sending us some information on the game.
In this new Facebook game, the player throws himself from the top of the mega ramp, choosing the direction and strength of the push, doing great tricks and crossing the chiclets wall, the end can be only one, his character lied on the floor.
With a very advanced physics simulation, the character falls realistically colliding with the ramp and the chiclet’s boxes all spread on the floor, having random and funny reactions, appealing for all ages.

In the mobile version the player have access to the OpenFeint where he can share his achievements and ranking with his friends and all the community. In the Facebook version he can invite his friends to play or challenge them through posts in theirs wall. The game has a global and friends ranking as well.


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