Mercenaries Of War

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: SyFy Games
  • Monthly Users: 2100
  • GD Star Rating

Mercenaries of War is a new Facebook game developed by Kaboom Social games together with SiFi Games. It is a role playing game, that borrows game features from other similar games, it plays much like Mafia Wars, it features text based dialogs and click button scheme, and watch the percentage bar go up until 100%, but features more than that, it also has some shooting action, where you have to aim and shoot enemies.

Mercenaries of War visuals are great and very well polished, locations and characters are nicely designed, and the game structure is solid.

You start by fully customizing your avatar, body shape, gender, face, hair, etc…, after which you get into the story of the game, placing you as a mercenary in a small chaotic city, and you have to make your way through it.

You will be given several mission to complete, each action will cost energy, and give some kind of reward, either in the form of experience or bonus items. Some mission require special items, that you have to buy, in order to be able to complete the mission.

As you progress in the game, you will unlock more and better items, like weapons and armor, you can also hire mercenaries to help you out in the several missions and to battle other mercenaries, hiring will cost you money 🙂

You can invite your friends to play, and you can add them to your squad, friends are important when you have to battle enemies, and the squad force plays an important role.

Overall, Mercenaries of War is well designed role playing and strategy game, for war games fans and a valid option as a Facebook game, if you like the genre, you should try it!

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