Millionaire Boss

  • Genre: Business Management
  • Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 400
  • GD Star Rating

Millionaire Boss is a Facebook game where you are the Boss of a small financial Office, and your goal is to turn it into a big and successful Empire. You are competing against your old Boss, which you can visit by the way… Lucinda Loot from LootCo will be in your friends bar.

You have to hire employees, and assign them work, different task differ on time and on revenue, the longer the time the more money you get. You also have to decorate your office, by acquiring chairs and desks, and other items to improve your employees happiness and productivity.

Millionaire Boss is very soon, very demanding on friends, although you can hire friends to work as manager without them playing the game, there are many tasks and quests that demand asking for your friends active help, so initially you’ll a little stuck and with some difficulty to progress, of course you can pay Facebook Credits instead, by in my opinion is too soon to pay when you are still starting a game, and you don’t know if you really like it.

Visiting friends allows you to motivate their workers, and gives you experience and cash, also gifting is obviously present. Avatar customization is available, and you can change a lots of things, from your general appearance to to clothes.

Technically the game seems too demanding on hardware resources, and soon after you start playing, the game starts to slow down not providing a good gameplay experience… graphics and sound are standard. This is a game for Office management fans who want to experience how to run a financial Empire.

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