• Genre: Virtual World, decoration
  • Developer: PlayQ
  • Monthly Users: 1
  • GD Star Rating

MiniPlanet is a virtual world Facebook game, and a really nice surprise, it is similar to Habbo Hotel or YoVille, where you can decorate your room, visit several locations, make friends, talk to other players in many locations, but it also mixes some nice mini games, like the spin wheel or Qube a sort of tetris and puzzle and much more..

In MiniPlanet you can also fully customize your character or avatar, buy clothes and change your look whenever you want, you get experience from playing the games, buy furniture and clothes and so on, as you level up new items, games and hangouts will become available for you to explore and use.

The graphics are nice and the mini games very enjoyable, mainly the multiplayer ones, this one will be tagged for decoration, mini games and virtual world.

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MiniPlanet, 4.7 out of 5 based on 38 ratings

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