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Mino Monsters is currently closed, but with scheduled re-launch on December 6th, stay tuned…

Mino Monsters is a Facebook fighting game in which you play as a monster to defeat other monsthers in different environment. By learning skills, you can easily master the tactics to become the most powerful monster in the world.

MinoMonsters is another attempt at creating a clone of Nintendo’s super-popular Pokemon series for Facebook.

While the game includes all the basic trappings that you would expect from such a game on Facebook–a litany of monsters to fight and capture, a turn-based battle system and a massive world–it currently lacks basic functions like buying items without Facebook Credits. MinoMonsters is a wonderful idea, but it’s yet to become a wonderful game.


The game makes a lot of the right calls with regard to not making you pay for monsters, but makes a lot of bad calls when it comes to balancing the combat-oriented gameplay and implementing the game.

At first, the three critters aren’t too different from one another, but as you level up their abilities will differentiate. However, you’re only given one MinoCard to start, the instrument used to capture new monsters, and a few potions. At the moment, the only way to buy new items is through Facebook Credits, which will likely scare players away rather than force them to spend.

The world map consists of simply moving from battle to battle. In order to defeat stronger monsters, you’ll have to stay in on particular zone until your monsters are strong enough to defeat the beast that’s giving you trouble. If you lose all of your monsters in battle, you’ll be revived at the expense of experience points gained.

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