Miscrits: World of Adventure

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Broken Bulb Studios
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Miscrits: World of Adventure on Facebook takes the best parts of Monster Galaxy and a bit from Pokemon to make an engrossing experience that most social games usually don’t tend to deliver.

Discover the world of Miscria, a mysterious and magical land filled with incredible creatures called Miscrits. A colossal step forward in Facebook gaming, Miscrits is an extraordinary adventure game packed with endless fun!

In Miscrits: World of Adventure, the goals tend to be very simple. You’ll start with a small tutorial that guides you through the basic guidelines that will help you along in the game. After choosing your first Miscrit monster, you’ll go into battle, which tends to be the bulk of the game.

As in Pokemon or Monster Galaxy, you collect Miscrit monsters, which are little monsters that you use to battle other miscrits. When in battle mode, the game play is much like a turn-based RPG in that you pick an action, the action is performed and your turn is over. After the opposing miscrit has finished his turn, you may attack again. However, the ultimate goal is not to eliminate the opposing miscrits but rather capture them.

Capturing them is a bit difficult in that you may only do so when they are weakened .

Trainer points are used at the Miscrit Trainer in Sunfall Village and will level-up your miscrits. Trainer points can also be purchased using Facebook credits.

You  also have  shops that allow you to purchase instant upgrades that you can use during battle. These items are one time use and the effect is usually only temporary as well.


One of the more interesting features of Miscrits: World of Adventure is the ability to battle real Facebook opponents at the Battle Arena. You’ll need to be at least Level 5 to participate and you should bring an entire arsenal of miscrit monsters if at all possible because your online opponents will likely be doing the same.

Miscrits: World of Adventure should certainly satisfy those players that like to just collect and battle every type of monster imaginable. Pokemon fans and alike.

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