MMA Pro Fighter

  • Genre: Simulation, Sports, Fighting
  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
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Create an own MMA Fighter and compete with your friends in the ultimate MMA Pro Fighter Facebook game.
Please be advised: Some content may be inappropriate for all audiences. MMA Pro Fighter contains references to violence and other subject matter that some parents may consider inappropriate for audiences under 18 years of age.

Raw, intense and all-out brawl, challenge friends in MMA Pro Fighter and dominate the ring! Take down opponents in MMA Pro Fighter and experience the most lethal fighting game on Facebook! Customize your fighter with an array of options including items, backgrounds and fighting moves.

Choose between 7 unique fighting styles from Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai to Brazilian. Apply your fatal submission hold and pummel your opponent until their blood is on the floor.

MMA Pro Fighter features

Customize the look, clothes, fighting style and attacks of your fighter
Take your player through the MMA career by training and improving your skills
Compete with friends on Facebook and publish victories to your newsfeed
Purchase Pro Points to increase your edge and skills in the ring
Choose between 7 fighting styles including Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo and more
Learn up to 300 different fighting moves
Meet the sexy ring girls – gathered from all over the world

Tips and Tricks

How to Play MMA Pro Fighter

You can check your status, what techniques you know, any items you have, and what equipment you own. When you increase a level, you’ll be awarded with attribute points which are used to improve your attributes. It is advisable to allocate these points to your Fighter as soon as possible. You can distribute these points to improve health, cardio or stamina.
In the Fighter profile you can also change your tattoos or hairstyle to look more aggressive or to create your ideal fighter.
If you really want to distinguish your fighter, get a pair of MMA trunks displaying the flag of your country of origin from the items shop.

Fight other fighters to prove you’re worthy of the best fighter title. It’s you vs. the others, so prepare your techniques and become the most skilled fighter. But offense alone doesn’t win fights, so make sure you learn how to defend yourself and learn special counters and combos.
Carefully pick fights to win $ cash and make yourself respected in the MMA ring.

In the Fight section you have three categories of fights:

1) Fighting MMA fighters around the world
2) Fighting your Sparring Friends
3) Fighting special MMA Pro Fighter Champions (these are un-locked on certain levels)

A fighter needs to train hard! Training is a good way to earn some experience and even a bit of cash, especially when you start your career. Some training requires certain equipment and the help of sparring friends. New training will be available while you progress through training or fighting other fighters. Use cash to buy the equipment. Add your friends to your list of sparring friends to get better training that will make yourself a worthy fighter.

Staying Fit, Stay Fighting, Stay On Top!
In order to fight and train, you need to maintain your health, stamina and condition. You need your health to be able to endure fights and to prevent a newbie from knocking you out, which would be embarrassing! Your conditioning determines your maximum strength. So don’t be late for training or your fights and constitution will suffer! You’ll need stamina to do as much training as you can.

Earn cash and experience by choosing your opponents wisely and during training in the gym! You need experience points to move up to the next level and become an incredibly powerful Fighter.

Sparring’ Friends
Earn more experience with your sparring friends. They are essential for doing certain training exercises and for progressing through your career. If you don’t have enough sparring friends you can recruit more friends by inviting them to the game

Check here to find out what your coach has for you in terms of special training/ Please him and he will award you with extra experience and cash. Challenges are a good way to structure your game and short-term objectives. The cash payout that the Challenges give you will also help your growth.

The Shop is where you buy and sell items, equipment, techniques and accessories. It shows the items that are available, the quantity you own and which ones you have equipped. More items become available as you progress through the game. Some items/moves require a higher level of your MMA Fighter. To obtain those you must just play more and increase your level.
The Shop shows all the items and accessories that are available. More items become available as you progress through the game.

You could check the techniques for all fighting styles available, not just your primary fighting styles. Keep in mind that the techniques of other styles will be more expensive than the ones that you are an expert in. More techniques become available as you progress through the game.

Ring Girls
Visit the Ring Girls and they can grant you some favors, restore health, or give you money. Keep in mind that it will cost you something in return. The Ring Girls require Pro Points for their favors. More girls will become available as you progress through the game.

Pro Points
Pro Points can help you advance more quickly in the game. If you have Pro Points, the Ring Girls will help you in the game (more health, more money, and more stamina) and you can buy the most prestigious premium items in the Shop. Purchase Pro Points with your credit card, PayPal or special offers to get the favors from the Ring Girls.

Usage of Pro Points:

a) The Favors of the Ring Girls (more health, more money, more stamina etc.)
b) Fighter customization (Special Country Flag shorts and other premium items)

$ Cash
Like with everything in life you need money to get by in MMA Pro Fighter. Cash is used for learning new techniques, buying required items and equipment from the shop.
The primary sources of money are:

a) Rewards for MMA Fights
b) Rewards for completing Challenges
c) Exchanging Pro Points for Cash with the Ring Girls


The ‘news’ section functions as the history of the game, which is especially useful when you want to know who has fought you when you have not been online and playing. Check any news about your friends ‘ status and newly available techniques from the shop. You can also check who picked a fight with you and who has won so you can take your revenge!

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