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In Mobsters 2: Vendetta you’re in charge of your own Mafia gang fighting for territory, money, and respect of the Godfather. When your beloved brother is killed it’s up to you to avenge his death. But be warned, revenge will take you globe trotting around the world.

You start out as a lowly Street Thug but please the Godfather by completing mission, take over territory, and expand your gang and you’ll soon be a High Roller.

You’ll need all that territory to bankroll to support your mobster lifestyle.

Mobsters 2 Vendetta is the sequel to popular game Mobsters. This one is bigger, better and so much more challenging than the first one.

In Mobsters 2 Vendetta, your beloved brother has just been killed and it is up to you to avenge his death.

Like the original game which first appeared, this sequel takes mobsters out of the scene of the crime. Instead of visiting a few US based locations you will be traveling to other locations all around the world.

So what new in this release? First is the ability to climb the ranks quicker, which gives the sensation of faster progress.

Also, there are plenty of new missions for you top engage like as muggings, selling contraband, rigging a fight, taking out a killer or raiding a rival mob warehouse.

Godfather Points come much quicker here, which again gives a better sensation of progress. It’s easier to refill your energy with Godfather points so you can climbs through the levels easily.

Gameplay is nice, graphics are great, God Father Points come easier, you level up faster, just don’t forget that other players also 🙂

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Why you shouldn’t use cheats

Here at Facebook Games list we do not like cheats, they spoil the pleasure of playing games.

Cheat codes on the game are pointless because the top of the mountain is attainable. Once a player’s made it that far, who needs cheat codes anyway?

Cheat codes on FaceBook Mobsters 2 Vendetta are pointless because even if they were available, a player would need to be guilty of hacking just to utilize them on the platform used. The way Mobsters 2 Vendetta is set up, players are unable to enter cheat codes at any point in the game.


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