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Mobsters is a role playing Facebook game by Playdom.Enjoy all the excitement of The Godfather and Goodfellas with loads of high-octane cars and weaponry. You’re in charge of your own Mafia gang fighting for territory, money, and respect of the Godfather.

Start out a lowly Street Thug and quickly move your way up the ladder as you impress the Godfather by completing missions, taking over territory, and expanding your gang.

Battle with friends and enemies to open up more and more lucrative ventures – from money laundering to casinos. Build out your arsenal with rocket launchers.


Tips and Tricks

Facebook Mobsters Introduction Guide

The first rule about mobsters, never ever log into mobsters/facebook from a site other than facebook. They will steal your password, and can destroy any account that took months to build in the matter of seconds

One of the biggest problems with starting on facebook is finding mobsters! Sounds insane, but it’s true. This is the link to facebook mobsters:…ookmark&ref=ts

Part A: Limitations of Facebook
On Facebook you only have up to 24 invites daily that you can send to others, it seems a bad limit really, but at least it’s not 20 anymore like it was. Facebook also has the contorted problem of refreshing the whole page when you switch to recruit, or go anywhere from the recruit tab. I don’t know why, but it does.

EDIT: There is now the capability on my main character to send 30 invites. I will wait until I find out more information before I make this an official addition into the guide, but this is so you are aware of the situation.

Part B: Extras in Facebook
There is a gifting link guide already posted by Courtney and Urbz, the links are as followed:
Courtney’s (This link is for gifting to your fellow mobsters, do not use Opera for this one):
Urbz’s (This is where you can get your gifts):
As a starter suggestion for building income, I would suggest doing the BMW link and sell them off for quick cash and a boost for your income. That’s an instant 92,500 dollars that you didn’t have.

Part C: Guide on getting quick amount of facebook adds fast.:
There is a group on facebook, here’s the link for that group:…6565170&ref=ts This group is nothing more but a group for quick adds, and it is vastly large with 2600 plus members. There is a mass email link in there that will greatly help you boost your mob count quickly.
Also go in the add-me section in the forum (make sure you select the Facebook section), and find an email train. They’re common, and very valuable in boosting your mob numbers.

Part D: How to work with Facebook:
Facebook is a little different in how it is mapped out, make sure that once you add mobsters that you bookmark it in your lower tabs available. This will help greatly in getting to mobsters quickly.

Part E: The trouble with browsers:
One of the major issues that I have found is that Opera is very difficult to work with for Facebook mobsters, I swear by it for Myspace mobsters, but invites are messed up on Opera, as you cannot invite with Opera. It is the only browser difficulty that I have been able to find. If you have anymore, please make me aware, and I will update this guide as soon as I find out for myself.

Part F: Invite link finding:
To find your invite link, simply max out on your invites, once you have done so, a link will be put up above where you normally can invite that will be your link. I suggest you save it and put it somewhere where you won’t forget it, it is helpful in getting adds quickly.

Part G: Energy link notification:
The best way that I have found to get your 200 energy daily is by going to your homepage on facebook, or status updates for everyone, and find one where someone is requesting help with a mobsters mission. Click to help that person on the bottom right. Once you have done so, it will bring you to mobsters. It will ask if you want to help your mob, click yes, and once done you will have 200 energy. (maybe less, depending on the variable of how much you receive really) Doing so right at 1 AM has never been a sure fire guarantee for your full 200. But that doesn’t prohibit you from going back for your remainder of the 200 later on in the day through the same process.
BUT, if you’d prefer not to go through that whole process, this is the link for your 200 energy:…actlink&ref=nf

Part H:The bounty Hunting troubles
One of the primary differences that is a real pain to users is the refresh ability on the hitlist and elsewhere, if you want to refresh fast on the hitlist tab, I suggest that you do cross-clicking. Click on the equipment tab, and then click back onto the hitlist tab. It works faster this way than using the refresh button, which at times back fires, then fires from those backfires at all the wrong times, believe me, I’ve had the problem.

The other thing that is actually really nice is the heal option, there is no new tab, please refer to the next section for this.

Part I: Different setup on facebook
The hospital tab is no longer valid on facebook, instead, healing is available above your health bar, if you click anywhere on your health bar, a small window for healing will show up. Soon to be a picture and cross reference between myspace and facebook to show the exact differences.

Part J: Updates to this guide:
If you have any other ideas that should go in here, feel free to private message it to me, all credit will be given to the person.

Part K: If there are any further questions on facebook, please refer to this guide. If the question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to ask the question in this thread. I hope that this guide has helped and quelled any of your questions.

Credit to Giovanni for his help in the creation of this guide. He helped with brainstorming and editing to make sure it was what needed to be.

Credit to Mendokusai Sennin for helpful insights as to what new material should be put in.

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


How to level up easily on Mobsters

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