Monster Galaxy Guide & Walkthrough

Monster Galaxy is one of the most played games in Facebook you can read the review here.

Along this tutorial you will learn how to play Monster Galaxy without making many errors, get all the tips and help you need to enjoy the game.

Starting the game

First thing to do is choose the sign of your moga, this is quite a matter of taste, because all the moga have positive and negative points. So choose what you like.

Choosing your moga Zodiac Sign

After choosing a Zodiac Sign, you will have 3 Moga to choose, they represent basically, they all have 3 attributes, attack, defense and zodiac, you have one that has more attack and less defense, one that has more defense and less attack, and on more equilibrated that start with 2 stars in both attack and defense. Depending on you taste and gameplay style choose the one who fits you best.

After choosing you moga you can change its name or stick with the one he already has.

Choosing your Moga and naming him

After this you are taken through a short animation, that tell the starting story of the game and how your moga comes to you, right after this you have your first fight, its time to learn the basics of the game.

You are taken to a fight screen, where you get to capture your first moga, in the early stages of the game you are always guided by Nova, a Moga Master who will guide you through the basic gameplay.

The fight screen

After choosing which moga you want to fight with (we’ll get to that later), you have to press the go Button to start the fight.

On the lower part of the screen you can also see, the Physical Attack (Punch 1), The Defense Button ( Zodiac Armor 1), the zodiac attack (Solar Flare 1), and the bonus attack, there is also the use item option and run away when you are loosing a fight or you find a too powerful adversary that you cannot defeat.

After starting the fight usually your goal is to capture the adversary moga, NOT KILL IT, so you have to watch carefully to your attack ranges. When the moga is lower enough you will get a chance to capture it, lets see how…

Physical Attack

You can use Physical attack, it has a more stable range on damage dealing.

Or you can use a Zodiac Attack, the zodiac attack varies depending on how your Moga’s zodiac sign is against the opposing moga.

Zodiac Attack

When your enemy’s health lower you can capture it using a Starseed.

At this point you have to see how much is the probability of success of catching the enemy, the nearest of 100% the better.

Naming Catched moga

After successfully catching the moga you can give him a name or use the Standard name.

Note: TAKE IT EASY – It is very important in Monster Galaxy to follow the quest in the tutorial, because the first quests will give you a Starseed, that you can use in the following quest, once you run out of Starseeds you have to wait or buy in order to capture Moga. If you start capturing every moga in your way, even repeated ones, you end up with no Starseeds for your quests.

Where to get Starseeds

Starseeds – This are essential for your quest and for the game itself, you can get one every 8 hours, or you can get them by doing quests.

How to use the Zodiac Attack – You should have in your party, mogas from different Zodiac signs, this way you have more chance of having the right one for each enemy.

How to use Zodiac Attack to your advantage

When choosing a moga for battle, check his sign against the enemy sign, if you get a More it means it has advantage against that enemy, if it show less you shouldn’t use it.


The game Screen

Monster Galaxy Game Screen


On top from left to right you have:

The world button – This where you travel on side to the other, if you travel with Toby taxi, from home to several locations in the game world. While travel in the world map, you can get intercepted by enemies, this way you are not.

Monster Galaxy Travel


Next you have the Team Button, this is where you add or remove Moga from your team.

Team Screen


Next is the Quests icon, it is very important that you follow the Quests, at least in the early stages of the game.

Monster Galaxy Quest Screen


Next icon is the Collections Screen, each time you win a fight you receive one card, when you complete one particular collection, you get a reward, it can be power ups, like Starseeds or new moga for your moga collection.

Monster Galaxy Collections Screen


The next 3 icons are the number of whistles you have to call for help, the number of coffe cups that can be used to heal instantly one moga, and the number of Starseeds you have, used to capture the Mogas.

You also have the Moga cash, where you can add extra Moga cash, and the Options icon, where you can change the game options like sound, music, fullscreen etc…


The Home Screen

This is where your Moga rest, and also where you have your Whistle Tree, it provides Whistles on a regular basis, but you also have to water it from time to time so it stays healthy, you also have your Starseed Bucket where you can ask your friends for Starseeds, each friend can gift up to 3 Starseeds a day.

You also have the Moga Storage, that will unlock when you have at least 20 Moga.

Speaking of friends, in Monster Galaxy they are pretty important, you should have at least 10 friends, but the more the better.

Monster Galaxy friends


How to collect Whistles from Friends

How to harvest Whistles from friends


The rest is up to you to discover and have fun…

This Guide is open to updates, so check back for more info.

If you have something to add feel free to help out and share using the comments.


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