Monster Hero

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Phoenix Age
  • Monthly Users: 900
  • GD Star Rating

Monster Hero is a new Facebook game part FrontierVille, part Pokemon, part Angry Birds.

Play Monster Hero! An Arcade Adventure that takes you through a stunning fantasy world in peril. Become a hero, make friends, battle monsters, acquire valuable equipment to customize your character, collect, raise and evolve rare and unique pets and become a Monster Hero!

– Collect, Raise and Evolve Pets!
– Journey on an Adventure through a Beautiful World
– Battle Monsters with Friends
– Solve Challenging Puzzles
– Collect Epic Gear to Customize your Character Developer name: Phoenix Age

When it comes to influences, Monster Hero only takes from the biggest games around. It features elements of FrontierVille, Angry Birds, and there’s even a dash of Pokemon. This is one of the best role playing experiences on Facebook.

In Monster Hero you start by fighting a starter monster from a group of three, just like in Pokemon.

The game is divided up into different areas, each of which ends with a portal that brings you to the next challenge. In each area you have to clear your way through various obstacles, grass to clear, rocks to smash, and trees to cut down. For this you spend energy, and earn experience and cash, which you can use you to improve your skills and purchase new stuff to use.

Monster Hero is essentially a single-player RPG, with some social add-ons. You can call your friends for help against the several bosses, you’ll also need friends to conquer some obstacles and to add certain monsters to your team.

Monster Hero has very nice anime style graphic, and diverse characters designs.

Overall this is a great game, for Pokemon fans and not only!

BackGround Story:

Once upon a time, the land of Titania was ravaged by an ancient evil.  Heroes and monsters banded together and vanquished the demonic forces and their leader, establishing 10,000 years of peace.  Empires rose and fell, and the secret arts to monster training was lost to Titania. Until now…

Evil has returned and the world of Titania has begun to fall apart. The noble monsters of Titania are already being possessed by a rampant evil that threatens to consume all things living. Remaster the lost art of monster training, gain strength, and gather a force of monsters to battle evil that is holding Titania captive. Lead an unlikely band of heroes into adventure and save the world. Prepare yourself for a Monster Story!

Tips and Tricks

First Quest offered:

“This Forest is a dangerous place. It’s full of dense growth and strange creatures as well as treasures and gems. A series of portals will take you from one part of the forest to another.”

“You are doing well! A series of portals will take you from one part of the forest to another. And a word of caution… treasure lies beyond the portals, but so do the monsters that guard it.”

Clear a path to enter the portal! (You cannot get there until you clear the obstacles that are blocking the way.)

“Danger lies up ahead. The Forest Wilds have always been full of strange and magical creatures. They lurk near ruins and magical places. However, the monsters are not what they once were – a dark evil has taken control of them.”


Full Energy & Stamina Refill and 3 Energy and 3 Stamina!

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