• Genre: City Building, Strategy
  • Developer: Bossastudios
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Monstermind is a new Facebook game from Bossastudios, it is a mix of Cityville and Godzilla, presented as a real-time social game, with city building and strategy put together, where you have to build your city and destroy your friends cities, by sending monsters to raid them.

Empires & Allies opened the hostility windows on Facebook Games, but in a sort of soft way, where your buildings get occupied but not destroyed, as a natural evolution other developers used the idea and went even further, as is the case with this particular game.

Monstermind gameplay is similar to other city building games on Facebook, you have to build houses to grow your population, facilities to get revenue, and defensive structures to defend your city from monster raids. Strategy is required to balance the several aspects of the game, you have to build houses to get population to work in your commerce buildings and to use your defensive building, you also have to connect them all with roads to work.

Graphically, Monstermind is very well put together with great “Fallout” graphics and looks, with great introductory videos to the different quests. The gameplay is set to develop new and maybe unexpected social responses from players as they watch friends destroy their cities!

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Monstermind, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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