• Genre: Action, Simulation
  • Developer: HitGrab Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

MouseHunt is a game of epic proportions! You are a hunter, hired by the king to find and trap the mice that infest his kingdom. For each mouse you catch, you’ll find a unique reward, bringing you closer to being the best MouseHunter in the land!

MouseHunt has been around for a while, as one of the first Facebook games, its interface shows that, it is all about clicking the horn to catch mouse, and visiting the store for upgrading your trap and buying some more cheese bait, but it can be quite addicting.

MouseHunt is simple and easy to play, you have to catch some standard mouses to advance to more difficult ones, before you can try to catch the level boss at this time you usually need to do some trap upgrading.

It is a different game for gameplay and general looks, it has been around for some time and thats a good thing, why don’t you have a try at it? Hour mission is to bring new and old games for you to rediscover!

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MouseHunt, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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