My Sweet Shop

  • Genre: Restaurant
  • Developer: Meteor Games
  • GD Star Rating

Run the most popular sweet shop in the neighborhood! Grow your own ingredients and supply your customers with delicious homemade ice cream, chocolate, and sugary treats. If you manage not to eat all the goodies, you might just make a tidy profit!

My Sweet Shop is the latest addition to our Meteor Games collection for Facebook. The gameplay is very much like on Ranch Town, but here you run a bakery or candy shop, you can grow your own supplies, from cocoa, lemon, orange or coffee by buying seeds.

You can also buy the ingredients you cannot grow by yourself, through a delivery system that places them at your door.

The graphic are very nice and catchy, and the game moves along smoothly.

In addition you can produce your goods to sell, by combining them into the various machines that you have at your disposal, e.g. by mixing raw cocoa, sugar and milk in your chocolate machine, you have nice chocolate bars to sell to your clients, etc.

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My Sweet Shop, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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