My Tribe

  • Genre: Island management, tycoon
  • Developer: Big Fish Games
  • Monthly Users: 1300
  • GD Star Rating

My Tribe is a tropical island simulation game. Nurture your little tribe and help them prosper! Visit your friends’ islands and help each other grow your tribes!

My Tribe for Facebook is developed by Big Fish Games, its a very interesting perspective o management, as it is more focused in small details, but with lots of automation on tasks so you don’t need to repeat yourself many times.

You start the game by choosing an island of your choosing, each island has three different mysterious objects for you to uncover their specifics. After choosing your island you are taken through a tutorial that consist on a series of quests, all very simple and very intuitive at the same time you learn the game basics on gameplay.
My Tribe graphics are really nice, very catchy and detailed, and the gameplay very paced. Really a different way to play island themed games.

Tips and Tricks

How to play My Tribe


This tutorial covers the basics of My Tribe and should get you started in the game with no mistakes.

First choose an Island of your choice, this basically is a question of taste, but you can consider also the area of the island and its wide spaces as they are more suitable for placing builds, it all depends on your approach on the game.

You will have to do a series of quests, this is basically a tutorial, to help you out on the basic gameplay.

Quests appear on the top left corner of the screen (red arrow).

First one is very simple and consist on dragging a tribesperson, dragging is the core of the game as almost everything is done with it.

The following quest consist on dragging a tribesperson, into specific task, as chop wood, gather stone, fishing etc…

You also get a reward for each quest obtained, normally resources and experience.

Experience allows you to level up, but your not the one to do so, you tribespersons also gain levels, at this point you should do some choices, you can level-up in 6 different areas:


Wood gathering

Rock Gathering



and Science

as they are all self explained, I think its not necessary to describe each.

My advice is to start by leveling up each tribesperson in 1 area, thus giving them specialization, then when you need to build something you use the constructor, you use the fishing specialist to fish and so on…

As you advance in the game, you have different quest, one of which consists on growing your population, this is done by dragging to adult onto each other, they will than produce children, and if your lucky like I was you can eve get twins!

In order to have children you have to use 1 Stork Feather, which can be gathered around the island or by visiting your friends islands.

You will soon be building more structures to store wood or rock, you need resources like wood, rocks or shells.

Shell can be found around your island in the sand near the sea.

Each island also features three mystery objects and your tribespeople can work together to solve these. Solving a mystery can gain your tribe all sorts of rewards including science points, new unique seeds to plant, and more frequent Moondust or Stardust. Each Mysterious Object yeilds different rewards, so try to solve every mystery in order to reap all their benefits.

Each mystery requires a different solution, so try dropping different tribespeople onto them. Tribespeople wil have different ideas about a Mysterious Object based on their age and level of experience. Their area of experience also matters when solving mysteries. A rock gatherer may not know how to address a dying bush, but a farmer might have more luck.

Hope you have enjoyed this small tutorial, check for more in the images section.

Don’t forget to visit the Official Help if you have any more questions, and to visit the discussion board

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My Tribe Gameplay on Facebook

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