My Vineyard

  • Genre: Simulation, farming
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

Run your own vineyard, harvest grapes, make delicious wine, and share it with your friends!

My Vineyard can be categorized as a mix between farming and City building game, all rapped up in a beautiful countryside scenario of wine making fields.

Your have to grow, harvest and produce different types of wine, ranging from Chardonnay to Muscadine Noble and all in between. As farming goes, you have to plant, wait the necessary time to harvest and then crush the grapes into juice, then you have to place the juice into a barrel to sell it or age it for an increased value.

But My Vineyard doesn’t stop there, you can decorate your estate with multiple items, from flowers to incredible castles… it is just a matter of personal taste.

Friends can taste your wine and make it more valuable, they can also visit and help out with your crops, fertilizing them so you can get extra experience. You can also send and receive gifts and help each other on building construction.

My Vineyard graphics are gorgeous and you can make very picturesque scenarios using all but your imagination and the items you will unlock by leveling up. The music is also very appropriate and relaxing, providing a great playing environment.

Collections and achievements are present and very thematic, as a plus if you play Gardens of Time you will receive extra gift for certain levels of the game, like a Hot air balloon to decoration you Vineyard.

My Vineyard is a really nice game to play and to learn more about winery.

Tips and Tricks

 How to play My Vineyard Guide and Help

When you first start playing, you have to choose and customize your avatar (you can also do it later using the menu, customize avatar button), after you will be presented with a quick tutorial that teaches you to do the following:

  • Harvest your grapes
  • Stomp your grapes on the crush pad
  • Sell your juice
  • Buy a barrel and age your juice into wine
  • Sell your wine
  • Plant more grapes

Once you have completed the tutorial you are free to plant more grapes to start the next batch of wine, or buy decorations for your vineyard!

Planting Grapes

To plant grapes that will eventually grow to be your next wine vintage, click on an empty plot on your vineyard. This will open up the Market, and you’ll be able to select a variety of grapes. Every player starts with Chardonnay. Select the Chardonnay and then click the empty plots. You will then move around and plant the field with the Chardonnay grapes! Each grape takes a different amount of time to mature and become harvestable, so come back when the grapes are grown to harvest them and move them to your crush pad! You can also ask your friends to fertilize your crops, which will give you 1 extra XP when harvesting!

Harvesting and Crushing Grapes

Once your grapes are fully grown and ready to be harvested, click on each grape to move them to your crush pad. Once they are on your crush pad, click on them to stomp them and crush them into juice! Once they are juice, you have the option to sell them for a small amount or age them into wine.

Aging Wine and Tastings

After you have crushed your grapes into juice, you can then choose to age them into wine. This requires a barrel to store the juice in. You can mix different grapes together in one barrel if you wish. You can barrel juice even if your tank isn’t full yet, simply by clicking on your tank at any time! Select your barrel and then wait as it ages. There is a limit to how many barrels you can have at any given time. As you raise your level, you’ll raise your barrel limit as well as unlock new barrels that will make better quality wine and therefore allowing you to score higher reviews and give you more coins!

Another great way to increase your review score and your wine’s quality is by having a tasting. Click on any aged barrel to start a tasting. This requires you to post to your Facebook wall to invite your friends to come taste your wine. The more tastings you get, the better your wine will be and the higher your review score!

Decorating your Vineyard

Decorating your vineyard is a lot of fun! The Market holds all of the available decor that you can purchase with gold and Wine Cash. Here you’ll find everything from houses, fences, trees, rocks, and other decorative objects. Make your vineyard unique by visiting the Market today!

Leveling Up

The more you play, the more experience you will earn and your level will raise. Gaining new levels will unlock access to new grapes, decorations, and barrels for your vineyard – plus it will earn you bragging rights with your friends!

Send Free Gifts

Sending gifts is a great way to make new friends in My Vineyard. The gifts in My Vineyard range from decorations to consumeables that will increase your wine yield and age. In addition, sending gifts to your friends is the best way to ensure that you’ll receive gifts too!

Invite Friends

Everything is more fun with friends! Invite your friends to check out your vineyard by inviting them to My Vineyard. Once you have friends, you can visit their vineyards and it will make it easier for you to get tastings and to taste the wine that your friends make! You can also fertilize your friends’ crops to give them more XP when they harvest them.

This guide is based on the Help present on the game page, you can check the original article here.

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