• Genre: Zoo Building, Educational
  • Developer: Good World Games
  • Monthly Users: 5
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MyConservationPark is a mix between farming and action, your mission is to save endangered species, one at a time, you start with one Park, the Tiger, but beyond that you choose your own path. You need to provide a healthy ecosystem, while at the same time protecting each park’s hero from elements out to harm them.

Your mission: protect an endangered animal, your “hero”, from environmental and human threats while enriching the park with fauna and flora to create a sustainable habitat. Successfully conquer these challenges and balance the Eco-system and you will be rewarded with points and cash. Fail to do so and your hero and the Eco-system will suffer. When you purchase goods from the in-game store such as structures or animals, 15% of the revenue will be donated to our non-profit partners.

You have to do several tasks, from improving your park by adding native animals and increasing its Biodiversity, to hiring specialists in several areas like rangers to arrest poachers or Firefighters to extinguish fires. The goal is to keep your Hero meter and eco-system meter as high as possible, this is achieved by working fast, clicking on the threats as soon as possible and hiring as soon as needed.

The games features two modes of play, the protect mode where the live action occurs, you have to follow the challenges (that appear in the top left corner of the screen) to defend your hero; and the enrich mode, where you basically pause all the action, allowing to decorate you park at ease.

Each Park is associated at a specific Wild Life protection association or agency, it currently features WildAid, Orangutan Outreach, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Sea Shepherd and United Conservationists (SharkWater).

At the time, 15% to of your in-game purchases are donated to the above associations, so while playing and buying your are directly helping out one of them.

Actually the best thing about this game is the intension and goal to call attention to the problem of endangered species, on the other hand it is a rather educational game, featuring lots and detailed information and facts about each of the parks present in the game, and about each of the organizations, just visits the Parks and take a look around, the game also provides direct links to each of the organization’s Web Sites.

As for the game, on the players point of view, it is a still raw, with some glitches on the decoration part, some time I couldn’t place the objects where I wanted, and once, some of my staff disappeared when I reactivated the protect mode, fortunately a game reload solved the problem.

Another small thing with the soundtrack, while I understand the choice of the fast “suspense” theme, which is surely related to the game goal to call the attention to the real problem, after some time you feel “restless” and nervous, at least that was my feeling. While in decoration mode the soundtrack is completely different and quite enjoyable to listen.

Sociability MyConsevationPark is very nicely implemented , because you can actually work and help out in your friend’s parks, just can’t decorate. You also have trophies to win and Karma to compare with your friends.

As for diversity and items, the game as lots of different animals, plants, structures and other items, more than enough for each player to do whatever they wish in the parks.

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