Mystery Manor

  • Genre: Hidden Object
  • Developer: Game Insight
  • Monthly Users: 100000
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Mystery Manor is a hidden object Facebook game. In a mystic mansion, in which something inexplicable happens, you will complete quests, deal with evil monsters, gather rare collections. And all this together with your friends. Welcome Home!

If your are familiar with Popcap games, you already know what HOG means, if not it stands for Hidden Objects Game, their quite popular in download games end PC games, but now Game Insight tried it in the Facebook environment. It manages to smoothly blend the traditional HOG experience with social features, but unfortunately becomes rather repetitive after a while.

The Mystery Manor is a manor surrounded in mystery. It’s a strange mansion filled with magic and creatures, as well as an eclectic cast of characters. As you explore the house you’ll come across these characters, who will ask you to do favors for them or to complete various tasks.

Exploring the house is done via a map, which shows all of the rooms you can visit. You’ll unlock additional rooms as you progress, but even still you’ll be revisiting each location plenty of times. When you enter a room you’ll be taken to the HOG part of the game.

You’re given a list of items and you’ll need to find them before time runs out.

Mystery Manor has fabulous graphics and great sounds.If you like HOG games you should really try it!

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Mystery Manor, 3.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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