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Mythic Heroes is a role playing game with strategic elements set in a world of Greek mythology. You start as a stranded Hero and first you need to get back to your home town, in the middle there are some tutorial battles and indications. When you get to Argos, there is a lot to do, like rebuild the town to its former glory, this is done by upgrading several building types, the main being the Town Hall, where you collect taxes, but others are also important, each with a specific function.

Mythic Heroes is centered on your Hero, your character, you have to level him up, but this is only possible, by leveling the buildings too, for example, in order to level you hero to level 2 you need a Town Hall level 2, the same goes with weapons and armor.

Mythic Heroes ends up being a mix of 2 genres, on one hand it is a role playing game centered in your hero, with equipment, armor and items, and level increase, on the other hand there is an whole empire to run, centered on your home city, you need to manage, upgrade and balance the growth to be able to provide stable supplies to your expansion.

Mythic Heroes graphics are simple, but with overall nice visuals, that even reminds me of Heroes of Might & Magic series, with an adventure and exploration guideline story to follow, can be a nice experience for fans of the genre…

Tips and Tricks

Mythic Heroes Guide for New Players:

  1. 1.       Mythic Heroes’ overview:

Mythic Heroes is a role playing game with strategic elements set in a world of Greek Mythology. Adventure and explore vast lands of Greece, while simultaneously building the empire of Argos. Recruit powerful Heroes in your quest to stop the evil Hades from destroying and invading the world of men. Challenge your neighbors and friends to see who reigns as the most powerful Mythic Hero!

  1. 2.      How to play

The whole story includes 6 chapters; generally each chapter has 3 maps, with at least one Dungeon.

You must defeat all of the story enemies on each map to advance to the next map. You’ll also be able to further adventure, train your Heroes, enhance equipment, upgrade technologies and even craft unique powerful equipments.


  • System Guide:
  1. 1.        Battle:

In Mythic Heroes fight is turn based and implemented automatically. During the battle, you will retain control of your Heroes to an automated battle system. Heroes will use their special skills as available. You can watch the entire battle, or choose to skip it to view the end resultfor those enemies you have defeated once. If you find that you cannot win against enemies that are around your level, you should upgrade Heroes equipment, train your Heroes to a higher level or maybe even switch up your tactics in order to ensure better chances of winning.

  1. 2.        City Development:

2.1       Tax

You can get coins through collecting tax every day. To get more tax, you may upgrade your homesteads and commerce to a higher level.

2.2       Units Supply:

Your may lose some units during the battle after you have acquired the Barracks building. In the Barracks building you will be able to enlist units with either food or by waiting a certain period of time. The higher level the Barracks is, the more units you can get from enlisting.

2.3       About food:

Food is made available after you acquire you Farm. At this time, you’ll need to wait for the construction of your Farm to be ready. After the Farm is completed, you’ll be able to harvest food from there through waiting periods. You’ll also be able to exchange coins for food at the Market Building.

Food can be either used for enlisting unites in barracks or sold in market, some food will be rewarded for assisting friends in their farms.

  1. 3.        Heroes:

3.1       How to get heroes?

1)         Players will play as the main Hero role in the adventure.

2)         Some known and unknown NPC heroes will be available for hire at Tavern once they have either been defeated or the story has unlocked them.

3.2       Hero Training:

1)         Hero Training is much like leveling the Hero. You can use your coins to start a Training Session. You may also use gems to speed up training. Training sessions last a certain period of time, during which the selected Heroes experience will increase until they gain a new level. During the training session, you may still use you Hero in battle.

2)         Marks that have been accumulated through defeating enemies may be exchanged into Hero experience instantly. Each exchange has a 10 minute cooldown, which can be reduced by using Gems.

3)         You may train only one Hero at a time. More training spots will be available by using gems. With multiple training spots, you’ll be able to train more Heroes at the same time. If you have achieved a certain VIP level, you will be awarded with additional training spots.

4)         Heroes’ level cannot exceed the level of your Town Hall. If you have trouble leveling a Hero, check with the level of your Town Hall to make sure it is higher.

3.3       Why train heroes?

1)         Heroes need to be a certain level to equip weapons, armor, mounts, amulets, etc. The higher level of a Hero, more powerful gear can be equipped.

2)         The higher level of a Hero, the larger unit size the Hero will have.

3)         The higher level of a Hero, the better the grade of his units will be.

3.4       Unit type and unique skill:

1)         Different unit types have different abilities. There are mainly three unit types, one of which you may choose at the beginning.

2)         Unique skill is the talent of a Hero, which will be casted automatically when the Hero’s moral reaches 3 during Battle. There are several skills and each skill has a different special effect.

  1. 4.        Equipment:

4.1       How to get equipments?

1)         From the shop.

2)         From the Battle drop or Equipment boxes/Chests on the map.

3)         From dungeon.

4)         From Forge through crafting.

4.2       Equipment Grade:

There are three equipments grades for now: white, green and blue. Green equipments add more attributes than white ones and blue ones are the best among all.

4.3       Equipment Enhancement:

1)         You can enhance the equipments in the Blacksmith with coins or gems. Enhancing a equipment is basically leveling the equipment to a higher level.

2)         The success rate of enhancement changes per 30 minutes once you reach level 15. You may fail in enhancement and lose a small amount of coins when the rate is not 100%. You may use gems to keep the success rate at 100%.

3)         The enhancement will be completed instantly followed by a cooldown time of 5 minutes.

4)         You can degrade equipment to a lower level to obtain coins or even gems.

5)         The level of all equipment cannot exceed the level of Blacksmith. If you’re having trouble enhancing a certain piece of equipment, check the level of your Blacksmith first.

4.4       Forge:

1)         You can forge certain materials into a piece of equipment. Usually, those equipments are green or blue and could be more powerful than white ones.

2)         The materials are mainly dropped by elite enemies on the map. You may also acquire materials from completing dungeons.

3)         You can request the materials you want from friends or send some to them. This would be the most efficient, as your friend may have a material that you need and vice versa.

  1. 5.        Technology:

5.1       Technology Types:

1)         Common: There are four regular technologies which increases Food harvest, building efficiency, tax collection efficiency.

2)         Combat: Enhances your battle abilities.

3)         Tactics: Allows you to learn different tactics, which give different boosts to your heroes. You will also be able to research tactics that give additional slots for more of your Heroes to participate in Battle.

5.2       Technology Upgrading:

1)         Upgrading a Technology will require you to spend a certain amount of Marks. Upgrading is completed instantly, followed by a cooldown time.

2)          Technologies cannot be higher than the level of the Academy.

  1. 6.        Gems:

6.1       How to get gems?

1)         You will get some free Gems as the welcoming gift at the start of your adventure.

2)         You may also receive Gems through “Free Gifts” everyday. The more friends you have, the more free Gems you may get.

3)         You may also receive Gems after the completion of a Dungeon.

4)         You may buy Gems with using Facebook credits. Every payment will contribute to your VIP level, which gives you great additional benefits.

6.2       What’s the usage of gems?

1)         Buy equipments, energy, coins and others.

2)         Clear the cooldown of constructions, trainings, enhancements and technology cooldown.

3)         There are many uses for Gems. They will be clearly displayed in the game for you.

  1. 7.        Coins:

7.1       How to get coins?

1)         Tax collection.

2)         Using Gems to acquire coins instantly in the Town Hall.

3)         Rewarded when quests are completed.

4)         Looting chests/treasure boxes on maps.

5)         Selling or degrading equipment.

6)         You may also receive coins after the completion of a Dungeon.

7)         Dropped by enemies on maps.

8)         Visit your friends’ cities from which you may get some coins.

7.2       What’s the usage of coins?

1)         Buying various equipments in the store.

2)         Upgrading buildings and enhancing equipment.

3)         Training and hiring heroes.

4)         Buying food in the market.

  1. 8.        Marks:

8.1       How to get marks?

1)         Dropped by enemies on maps.

2)         Rewarded when quests are completed.

3)         From the treasure boxes/chests on the map.

4)         You may also receive marks after the completion of a Dungeon.

8.2       What’s the usage of marks?

1)         Used to instantly increase Hero experience during a Training Session.

2)         Upgrade technologies.

3)         Increase heroes’ power at Hero’s Den.

  1. 9.        Reputation Points:

9.1       How to get reputation points?

1)         1 reputation point will be rewarded for each 15 marks you acquire beginning from Map “Knossos Prison”.

2)         By challenging and defeating other players in the arena.

9.2       What’s the usage of reputation points?

1)         Add Hero spaces.

2)         You need certain amount of reputation points to hire legendary Heroes.

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