N.O.V.A. Elite

  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Monthly Users: 0000
  • GD Star Rating

N.O.V.A. Elite is a new FPS game on Facebook from Gameloft, the third entry in their Halo-inspired first person shooter series, from the N.O.V.A series. You can play this game for free in Facebook. Compete with your friends, buy weapons, armor, in a fast paced FPS online.

If theres a type of game you wouldn’t expect to see in Facebook is a First Person Shooter, or better WAS, Gameloft just released N.O.V.A Elite, for those who don’t know, N.O.V.A. stand for Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, and it is the third game on the Gameloft series.
Players earn levels by killing opponents that haven’t begun to move or are too lagged out to defend themselves. They also earn coin, which can be used to purchase modest equipment upgrades. Some items require a certain level or number of friends playing before purchase.
Yes lag is one of the problem right now, if it becomes solved will for sure increase the gameplay.
One other drawback of the game is the excessive money dependency, to get the cool stuff you have to pay, this includes armor, weapons and maps.

Graphically N.O.V.A Elite looks very impressive, more and more when you realize that you are playing it inside facebook on a browser window.
You start by customizing you avatar, choosing name, colors etc., you are taken through a small tutorial, on weapons, armor and store.
Lets see if Facebook players will engage this type of game as it focus on a different profile of players, and goes a little  out of Facebook games style. Anyways its always nice to engage your friends in a little death match quick play for funs.

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N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE – Teaser trailer

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