NanoStar Siege

  • Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense
  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
  • Monthly Users: 1
  • GD Star Rating

NanoStar Siege is not a new Facebook Game, but here at Facebook Games List our goal is to list all Facebbok Games and this one was missing. This is a strategy game not very frequent on Facebook, much more when it was launched, nonetheless this is a real great strategy game that combine real time battles with economic planning.
NanoStar Siege is a mix between Tower Defense and Collectible Card Game, your goal is to fight and defeat other players castles while defending your own castle.

You have at your disposal several different military units, such as slayers, swordsmen and archers and you can also call Heroes to help, this Heroes come in the form of cards, or nano characters, this is an interesting concept from Nanostar games, as this cards can be used in other nanostar games, and you can just collect them.
NanoStar Siege graphics and game are fantastic featuring great battle effects and animations.
While not being a new game on Facebook, and not getting so far many players, maybe to the deep and demanding gameplay, but it is for sure a strategy game for fans of the genre. If you are one and have not played this game yet, lucky for you that we brought it here!

Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense

Developer name:Digital Chocolate, NanoStar


  • Battle your friends on Facebook with medieval armies to obtain the glorious #1 position
  • Collect over 150 NanoStar™ characters each with a unique ability to increase your edge in battle
  • Command your army of swordsmen, archers and slayers into epic battles
  • Crush kingdoms by calling in reinforcements, troop boosters, direct damage weapons and special attacks
  • Protect your castle with powerful heroes and cunning defense formations that outsmart your attackers
  • Claim honor and fame by building your kingdom with unlock-able upgrades and rewards
  • Earn title ranks that prove your power among all of the Facebook warlords

Tips and Tricks

How to play NanoStar Siege guide

Available Units pros and cons:


Attack: Medium

Defense: High

Speed: Slow


+ Good all-around troops

+ Damage-resistant “Walking Fortresses”

+ Great in defense and in tying down enemies


– Slow-moving

– Low melee damage


Attack: High

Defense: Low

Speed: Fast


+ Fast-moving

+ Powerful attacks

+ Good fortress destroyers


– Vulnerable to arrows

– Low defense


Attack: Low

Defense: Low

Speed: Medium


+ Ranged attacks

+ Awesome support troops behind other units


– Weak in combat

– Easy to kill

How to effectively use units some examples:

If the you enemy uses Bowmen as their front, the best unit to place in front of your own formation are Slayers. Slayers move fast. They will be able get to your enemies Bowmen faster and use their hand-to-hand power to do damage.

Slayer are also the best units to destroy the enemies structures, you can use swordsmen as second liners to finish the job.

About Heroes

Heroes can decide and won battles for you: A commander with good Heroes and the wisdom to use them effectively will carry any fight even against superior numbers.

There are five different types of Heroes: Reinforcements, Attacks, Defenses, Specials and Warlords.

Reinforcement Heroes

The Green-colored Heroes are used to create new soldiers to the battlefield. These can be varying amounts of basic units (swordsmen, slayers and bowmen), various large units (like Ogres and War Machines) or change existing field units into specialists (like wizards or knights).

Include in your army because…

  • Your initial troops might not be enough to win the day
  • Powerful single Heroes can turn the tide of battle on their own
  • If the enemy gets through, you’ll need to plug the leak – fast
  • You can save money by deploying less units in the beginning

Leave out of your army because…

  • Too many troops can cause congestion on the battlefield
  • Many troops means your opponent will have more to kill
  • New troops take a long time to get to the battle if you’re already near the city

Use in your defense because…

  • the more troops, the slower it’ll be to get to your city
  • the more troops, the better your chances of overpowering a weak attacker
  • Powerful single Heroes can turn the tide of battle on their own

Attack Heroes

The red-colored Attack Heroes are meant for one thing only: To hurt the other guy. They include many direct attacks, like catapults, cannons and arrow volleys but also many harmful “curses” that lower the quality of the enemy soldiers and make them easier to defeat.

Include in your army because…

  • They can punch a hole in the enemy line in seconds and help you plan
  • Strong attacks can be used to bring down castle walls and strong points
  • Having them in your pocket can be used to take out or weaken powerful single enemies

Leave out of your army because…

  • They can be inaccurate: you might hit your own troops or nothing at all
  • You might rely on them too much
  • Despite the power, they only provide one attack

Use in your defense because…

  • Anything that will thin down the advancing enemy will help
  • Curses can make the front line combat last longer and slow down the entire enemy force

Defense Heroes

The blue-colored Defense Heroes are the opposite of the Attack Heroes above: They are used to boost your own troops’ fighting capabilities and to improve their chances of surviving the combat. They include healing potions, magic weapons (or armor) and other “direct” boosts but also some more tricky, but powerful Heroes that can be used in certain situations to a great effect.

Include in your army because…

  • You can create very strong “key” units that will win any combat
  • When your troops are closest to the enemy, you’ll need all the help you can get: It’s a long way to walk back to the castle if the first wave gets killed
  • They can be used to fix the bad (or enhance the good) qualities of the basic units

Leave out of your army because…

  • Focusing on single units can take too much attention
  • Placing trust in small groups can prove to be risky

Use in your defense because…

  • Troops with blessings can be used to lure enemy fire from other targets and to tie down large numbers of troop

Special Heroes

The purple-colored Special Heroes are a mixed collection of powerful Heroes you can use to change the rules of the game in your favor. They can freeze the enemy Heroes down, prevent him from reinforcing, steal his soldiers, copy his Heroes or a score of other “dirty tricks” that can be used to balance a strong, but single-minded opponent.

Include in your army because…

  • Changing the rules of the game can seriously hurt an opponent with a one-track mind
  • Special, global effects used in strategic situations will turn any game briefly in your favor

Leave out of your army because…

  • They can prove totally useless against a flexible opponent
  • The situations where they can be used for the best effect might or might not occur
  • A global effect means it can affect both players

Use in your defense because…

  • They can totally freeze up your opponent or cramp his Heroes
  • They can throw your opponent off-balance and make him focus on things you want him to
  • They can provide extremely nasty surprises, especially when used in the Last Stand

Warlord Heroes

The last category of Heroes is the Warlords. They are special in a way that they are never actually used during the battle, but instead provide you with a constant beneficiary effect that cannot be removed or repelled in any way.

You can only have one Warlord in your army at any given time.


Attacking enemies is a skill you will learn as you play the game. The key to a victorious combat is the ability to own and pick the correct Heroes for the correct opponent and the wisdom to use them in the correct place for the correct effect.

Things to check when selecting an opponent:

  • What Heroes does he have? Does the selection imply a strategy that you can counter?
  • Has he been suffering defeats or has the defense been victorious
  • What kind of Heroes should you being with you

Things to check before the battle:

  • What kind of a castle does he have? Does it have any weaknesses?
  • How many units are protecting it?
  • Are the units tightly packed or spread out
  • Which units are where? Can you exploit his set-up with your troops?
  • Where are you going to break through his lines and how?

Things to check during the battle:

  • How is the fight going? How many soldiers do you both have?
  • Are the enemies breaking through? Should you reinforce the gap even before it forms?
  • Are you breaking through? Should you send more troops to the breach or pummel the enemies further down the path to death? Maybe protect the guys breaking through?
  • How close are the closest enemies? How long will it take for them to reach your camp? What are you going to do about them?
  • How many Heroes do you still have? Should you save them for later or use them now?
  • Which of your troops will reach the enemy fortress first? How can they knock down the wall?
  • What’s the situation in the Regroup meter? Do you need free units now or are you willing to wait for the regroup later?

Things to do when you’re losing:

  • Throw ‘em out: Send anything and everything you got to repel units that are attacking your camp
  • Push’em back: Buy time for yourself and try to Regroup as soon as you can
  • Make ‘em pay: If the enemy is thrown back, don’t wait too long – push through with a counterattack before they come back

Things to do when you’re winning:

  • Keep ‘em down: Do not let the enemy catch a break! Take out the reinforcements, counter the Heroes, get more troops to the city. You won’t get any bonus points for unplayed Heroes at the end of the battle.
  • Don’t turn your back: The enemy may seem beat, but there might be a dirty trick up his sleeve somewhere – keep an eye on your base and your morale to make sure he hasn’t captured any troops near your base and sent them to attack you.

Note: Destroy the enemy barracks first, they produce free units, if you destroy them you will have a much higher rate of success.


Defending is passive, so you aren’t as able to react to the attacker as you are when raiding. In defense, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to Slow The Attacker Down. The longer it takes for him to reach your castle, the more units your city, your fortifications and your Reinforcement Heroes have spawned and the less units he will have to counter your troops with. A good defense is multi-layered and “deep”, meaning that the attacking troops will have to deal with stubborn infantry and damaging or debilitating Heroes even before he reaches the fortress walls, that will buy you again with more time to regroup the defender Heroes and pummel those poor souls a second time.

A fast attack can leave a shallow defense in shambles, so here’s a few tips:

  1. Engage the enemy EARLY: No reason to let them walk as close as they can without any reaction. Send in a wave of Slayers just to tie down their flank. Set up a swordsman line to make sure they do not get past halfway without a fight.
  2. Make them pay for each yard: Assign your Heroes to the Guards in such a way that you have the initiative. When they are massed, use Attack Heroes or Special Heroes to make the approach as slow or as deadly as possible.
  3. Build traps: Set up your forces so that the attacker will try to exploit it. Leave a gap in your ranks and use a cannon or a Runaway Beast to plug the gap when enough foolish enemies line up to “run through”. Be creative.
  4. Boost your boys: Again, when the fight starts, all units are evenly matched. Use any Heroes you can think of to create situations where your troopers have the upper hand. Try to make them throw the enemy off-balance so he’ll need to use those sweet attack and reinforcement Heroes he was saving for the wall to take out your breakthrough troops.
  5. Save the best for last: Now this is tricky. If your defense is good enough, chances are your Last Stand Heroes will never even make it to the battlefield so assigning your best Heroes furthest back might seem like a waste of good Hero. But then again, do not underestimate the enemy. Saving some nasty Heavy Cavalries or Armored Ogres for the last part can really take the wind out of your opponent. Plus, if they are already at your gates, you should get EVERYTHING on their heads before the wall comes down.
  6. Try to cause as many casualties as you can. The more enemy dead, the more gold they’ll be hauling to your treasury to fund your own wars.

Invest on the fortifications. It’s the biggest advantage you have against the attacker. He is defenseless while you have an unbreakable bad ass fortress that shoot fire and boiling oil while it’s summon towers pump out fresh troops every minute.


Based on Digital Chocolate Tips & Tricks

Check also their FAQ



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