NBA Dynasty

  • Genre: Basketball manager
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Monthly Users: 300
  • GD Star Rating

NBA Dynasty is the newest game from Playdom to Facebook, its a Basketball simulation/strategy/sports game and at first look feels great.

Choose from more than 9,000 player seasons from 1946 to present. Compete against NBA stars, NBA championship teams, and head-to-head with their friends for the all-time best record!

NBA Dynasty for Facebook is an impressive basketball game that throws you into three roles: owner, general manager and coach of a NBA team with the best players from the ’40s to present day.

Log into the game and you’ll instantly notice its primary draw: the presentation. The amount of time (and money) that went into NBA Dynasty is instantly noticeable from the official NBA teams and players to the video clips that players can share from Comcast Sportsnet and other local sports news networks. And all three of your roles have been given the same level of polish.

As owner you have to make sure the team has plenty of fans, exposure and  buy things.  Amongst this thinks are the players the more money you have the better players you can buy.

Crowns is the game’s paid currency. Each player, which is or was a real-life NBA player, has an assigned star rating that’s an accumulation of their defensive and offensive skills.

Other things that owners must consider are new courts and arenas, which will increase your capacity for fans and bring in more coins per win.

GMs manage player lineups and provide their athletes with boosts to their performance.

As Coach, you’ll call every play during the pivotal fourth period in any given basketball game. Your starting lineup will appear as small icons on the court and go against the opposition in randomized plays based on each players’ statistics.

At Level 5, you’re given the option to skip games entirely. But you will loose all the fun.

NBA Dynasty is a great addiction to sports social games.

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