NBA Legend

  • Genre: Basketball Simulation
  • Developer: Lionside, Inc.
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Interact with real NBA stars and coaches. Customize your player and home court. Compete with friends and rivals as you work your way from “Prospect” to “NBA Legend”.

Do you have what it takes to become an NBA Legend?

NBA Legends is a Facebook game from Lionside, Inc. developed in collaboration with the National Basketball Association designed to attract Facebook users.

NBA Legends focuses on developing the individual player, removing management elements, seen in other Facebook sports titles, such as recruiting and trading players. The game has a good amount of social interaction, but suffers of style. Besides the use of official NBA teams, players, and logos, there’s just nothing else to make this game standout.

You start out as an NBA rookie, with the objective to find your way up the leader boards to a Legend status. In order to do so, you have to use Game Credits in the form of energy to play games and perform drills in order to improve the overall performance of your team.

NBA Legends features are available via the the game mission system, requiring users to complete a specific mission to unlock further levels.

Users can perform team drills with both friends that play and non-player characters on the actual NBA team. These drills only take a few seconds, but allow for users to gain a stat called Chemistry.

Draining over time, higher chemistry enhances the performance within the game. Also, performing drills with friends will help boost their player stats as well.

In the social aspect, you can taunt your friend draining their Chemistry over the course of a few hours.

Also invited Facebook friends act as fans in game as well. Once unlocked, players will receive endorsements that produce periodic income, with more becoming available with more friends.

You can play against other users of a approximate level in both exhibition or season matches.

On the monetization aspect, NBA Legends consists of items that cost virtual currency (Lion Bucks) and the ability to buy the energy resource (Game Credits) when they run out.

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