• Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: StudioEX USA
  • GD Star Rating

Neosaurs is a MMORPG Facebook game, a real MMO, which means you get to play with other players in real time, form parties with your friends and go on quests together, sharing experience and loot. It is played in 2d sideways visual, similar to MapleStory Adventures on Facebook, but features real player interaction.

Deep below the Earth’s surface, Inner Earth is in trouble and needs your help! Raise your very own Neosaur to be a protector for the forces of good. Play with your friends and explore the extensive lore and endless adventure in the magical land beneath.

In Neosaurs, you start as a small neosaur, you can customize it a bit, like color or eye shape, and when you get to level 10 you may evolve into one of three choices, each with different and special skills. In the way you have to do quests, which will give you experience to level up, you will also learn special skills, train them and level them up.

The game features great tutorial quests and a really easy learning curve, the game world is huge and will provide for many hours of play amusement, alone or with your friends.

Graphically Neosaurs is great, both backgrounds and artwork, and animations.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Neosaurs Guide

Here are some screens of the main gameplay options, you can view a full tutorial, information on characters and game in the Official Website, this is one of those game which really has a great help and guide system.

How to train skill Mastery


How to use Potions

Neosaurs Skills


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