Ninja Saga – Chunin Exam Guide and Walkthrough

In Ninja Saga, when you reach Lv20, you can take a special event – Chunin Exam. Here you will face the strongest components, beat the mysterious enemies and find the story behind the village.

And here is the video guide (walkthrough) of Chunin Exam. All these video are made by YouPoo in Youtube:


Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 1

YouP00: This is the chunin exam part 1 with all 10 correct answers.
The order of the questions may be different but always same 10 questions and answers.


Ninja Saga – chunin exam part 2

YouP00: don’t have to kill all enemies.
i show you which one you have to kill and which one you can pass.
you don’t get xp for fights anyways…


Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 3a. LOK LI

YouP00: first opponent LOK LI (aka ROCK LEE) lok li is very fast and dodge a lot. beware of his eight gate opening jutsu STUN HIM. part 3 is solo mission, so no recruits possible!

Note: part 3 is solo mission, so no recruits possible!


Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 3b. SHIRA

YouP00: second opponent SHIRA (aka SHINO) beware of his parasite jutsu it drains chakra for 3 turns and dont waste your best attacks on his 3 turns protection jutsu, charge charka or stun him while duration.

Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 3c. ZUKA

YouP00: your last opponent ZUKA (aka KIBA). he does not have real special abilities but a constant good dmg output. so be sure to got enough healing scrolls with you!

Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 4

YouP00: this part is very tricky. i finally did it with a lvl 19 mate who had feather illusion too. so we had 2x sleep and the battle was “fair”. so my only advice is try to get teammates with feather illusion so your teammates will concentrate their attacks to only one person.

Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam – Part 5

YouP00: nothin special to say. just make sure to have a free inventory slot for a chance to get a weapon drop.


Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 1

By Hitogoroshi in the official forum

Before we start, here is my most important advice: If you can’t beat it and start to panic, please, I beg you, do not cheat, you will still be able to be a jounin after they nerf the exam so please don’t cheat and ruin the game for hard working people who can pass it on their own.

Part 1 is a simple quiz, my advice? Use all the resources available, whether it be print screens, pictures, cell phones, video camera whatever you can use, do it, this is almost impossible for a human being to do by pure memory (you have to memorize 10 seals in 7 seconds, unless you give each seal a number before hand or know all the names you won’t be able to do it) this is a test to see your resourcefulness anyways, ninjas need to be able to use everything possible to their advantage (without cheating) and thats all I got for this section…unless you want to legitimately do it, in that case good luck to you.

For those of you who want to do it, here is the breakdown of what you will be doing:

Ok for this you will be given a skill and the corresponding hand signals that go with the skill, you will be given a certain amount of time to memorize the skills and an infinite amount of time to put the skills back in…The first two skills you do will have 2 hand seals each, you will have 10 seconds to memorize them and then input them back in…The 3rd skill has four hand signals in it and you will once again have 10 seconds to memorize them…the 4th skill is where it starts to get hard, you have 4 hand signals however you have just FIVE seconds to memorize them…then on the 5th skill the hand signals jump up to 6 signs in 10 seconds, and on the 6th you have less seconds then hand signals! 5 seconds to memorize 6 signals…it is pretty straight forward as it follows this pattern, on the 7th skill you have 8 hand signals to memorize in 10 seconds and on the 8th skill you have 8 signals in 5 seconds…then for the last 2 on the 9th skill you have 10 signals to memorize in 10 seconds and the last one, you have 10 signals to memorize in SEVEN seconds!! I hope this helped you guys out!!

Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 2

This is a series of 4 fights, the first three are extremely difficult unless you have a proper strategy to implement, also, it has been brought to my attention that right before you kill the third boss, if you switch to your weakest weapon it will make your clone use that weapon, so buy a kunai and switch to it right before you kill Takeshi, it will make your clone that much easier. Also try to ration your scrolls like this: 3 for kiyoshi, 5-7 for sen ryo, 8-10 for takeshi and 2 for your clone…anyways on with the guide! (if you have WATER AND LIGHTNING as any of your two elements, read the MY METHOD section to know EXACTLY how to defeat them, I am a water/lightning free user and the exact strategy I used is found there).

Cheap method for scroll salvaging:

If you guys want a cheap way to take 20 scrolls with you after the fight with Kiyoshi, it is quite simple…you can do this fight unlimited times so if you lose its not big deal, for this you MUST have a red card though. Just spam your physical attack with the red card without using any jutsu or items until either the effect activates or you die…if you die, do it again, you don’t lose anything when you die, and if you win you have 20 scrolls for the other fights.


So Kiyoshi is just your standard water nin and he is vulnerable to all types of status effects so go hack away and defeat him like I did…beware of his water bundle he uses it like crazy and make sure you pack lots of scrolls because you will be needing them for the future fights, try and ration them so it is 3 for this fight, 5 for the next, 10 for the third and 2 for your clone, try to stay under that amount if you can because the fight can change in the blink of an eye with an unexpected dodge and you might need more or less scrolls so stay flexible…

Full Breakdown:

He uses his jutsu in this order, Restrict (~200 damage, two turn restriction) Shark Rain (275-450 damage) Water Dragon Missile (200-350 damage) and then dual cut which is two melee hits (60-110 each hit), and then once he gets under half health he will start casting water heal (1500 heal, crits for 2250 at times).

He is pretty agile so at times he will have two turns in a row, you need to be aware of this because if you get caught with restrict and shark rain back to back you will be hurting badly because he will still be able to get you with Dragon Missile for about 300 damage, this combo can take out up to 1.1k so you need to make sure he is not able to get you twice in a row…

if you can keep status effects on him or buffs on you this fight is pretty easy, I can take him out without using any scrolls.

My Method:

I am a water/lightning free user with 39 points in lightning and 1 in wind with the wind walker as my weapon (it compliments blind like a charm), I carried with me feather illusion, refresh rank 4, refresh rank 5, water restrict, lightning shock, lightning flash, lightning flash cry and concentration…he casts restrict at the start of the fight and I had my hazy kotetsu equipped, I hit him twice (the reason? it saves 40 HP per strike) as soon as I get out of my restrict I start my combo (and equip wind walker)…first I cast Water Restrict, then concentration, then lightning shock, then lightning flash, then lightning flash cry to deal some heavy damage to him, he can’t do anything about this combo because he is constantly under an effect, like I said before that is the key to beating him, if he is restricted or stunned, he can’t use his heal and his heal is where he kills you because he prolongs the fight and makes you use your scrolls on him…I then switch to my Hazy Kotetsu to buff my chakra and health as he uses only his damaging jutus, after he goes through his cycle that I stated above and hits me with a dual cut I put him to sleep right away before he restricts me…I switch back to my wind walker for the dodge bonus and right here is where he has two turns in a row so I charge once and then restrict is ready to go again, I restrict him, charge (I needed chakra so I did this instead of concentration) and do my lightning shock, lightning flash, lightning FC combo on him, rinse lather and repeat using refreshes when needed to heal, the fight took me a little over 8 minutes to do but it wasn’t all that bad…on to the next guy.

Also, feather illusion is your friend because unlike water nins, he doesn’t purify.


This guy is a fire/wind ninja, he can hit you HARD if you aren’t prepared…he is extremely agile and has pretty high dodge as well as a stun move and a move that inflicts bleeding AND burn, this guy can catch you off guard and kill you easily, he killed me a few times because he gets 2 turns in a row and he got a Wind Helix, Toad Summon and Red Spike combo on me to finish me, so just make sure you are aware of his turns and where he is at in his combo and try to keep him on status effects as well.

Full Breakdown:

He will use his jutsu IN THIS ORDER: Dual Toad Fire (about 300-500 damage and causes burn) Wind Helix (275-425 damage and causes 25% bleeding for 1-2 turns) Toad Summon (300-500 damage and causes a one turn stun) Red Spike (sage taijutsu, about 200-325 damage) Red Whip (melee attack 150-250 damage).

He is VERY FAST and has pretty good dodging capabilities, so chances are he will dodge one of your status effecting jutsus, EXPECT this to happen so you can think of a way to counter it on your next move, being able to adapt your plan is one of the most important things about being a ninja so it is imperative you can do the same.

Once again, try to keep status effects on him as much as possible, I timed it out so he was blinded every time his stun came around in order to block out his stun, melee combo.

My Method:

Again I am a water/lightning ninja with 39 points in lightning and 1 in wind, my jutsu list is this: feather illusion, refresh rank 4, refresh rank 5, water restrict, lightning shock, lightning flash, lightning flash cry and concentration.

He starts off the fight with his dual toad oil move, after he hits me I immediately start my restrict, concentrate, shock, flash, FC combo on him to take down about 1/3 of his total HP, he missed both attacks (wind helix and toad summon) when he was blinded and after my combo I immediately healed the damage caused by Dual Toad and the burning afterwards, he then starts to whittle me down with his red spike and red whip attacks, after 3 melee attacks I put him to sleep as he was getting close to having two turns in a row and his combo must be close to being cooled down…I was right, he had two turns during the sleeping so I healed with one scroll (to save some chakra, refresh 4 is still available but since he had 2 turns I needed my chakra for my restrict combo) and charged once, he came out of the sleep with his dual toad fire move and I immediately did my charge version of the combo (restrict, charge instead of concentrate, shock, flash, flash cry) to make sure I had chakra to heal afterwards, after my combo he missed the stun thank god but hit me with the wind helix before it so I used my refresh rank 5 (it crit healed for 1200 ) to repair the damage done by dual toad and wind helix, his cooldowns were all funky after my combo so I had to improvise (he was burned by keiko so I couldnt sleep him) he got me down to about 500 HP but I used refresh rank 4 (saved it for a time like this) and then he hit me while he didn’t have a status effect on him (my turns hadn’t cooled down yet o.o ) he got his stun combo on me, but to make things worse he lapped me and got an extra turn in with red whip…my HP dwindled below 200 now and I immediately healed with refresh rank 5 and then 2 scrolls before putting him to sleep, (my HP was about 1300 now and my cp was about 200) I charged thrice and did the concentration combo variant, my chakra was nearly drained but he had a scratch of health left, luckily he missed all of his attacks during his blind and my keiko restricted him immediately following my combo so I was able to melee him twice to finish him off.


This guy hits HARD, and I mean HARD never have I faced something that hits this hard, he blows the damage the world bosses give out of the water, you WILL NOT outdamage this guy if he hits you so you must find a way to survive his attacks and repair, he has concentration and I think it lasts for about 4 or 5 turns so keeping him with status effects is important, he hits you for at least 900 damage when critical striking with his main jutsus.

Full Breakdown:

For this fight you MUST HAVE STATUS EFFECTS, if he is able to hit you with his lightning dragon spear it is game over for you…also, this guy is faster then you, I say about once in ever 7-9 turns he will get an extra (if you have no wind) so keeping this guy negatively effected and your guy buffed is a necessity.

My Method:

He starts with conductive body (always do your combo AFTER he uses that so he doesn’t hit you with it later when he does his combo) I then start my concentration combo, restrict, concentrate, lightning shock, lightning flash, lightning FC which took off a large chunk of his health, THANKFULLY it caused both his shadow clone spear and lightning dragon spear to miss, he then went to work with his four spear strike and melee attacks which are still damaging considering he crits quite often, I had to use refresh and a scroll before putting him to sleep to fully recover, I charged twice (I timed it again so he got two turns during his sleep) and he cast conductive body, I then did my combo again and this time he critical struck me with shadow clone spear for a whopping 1k damage, I was forced to use a special rune scroll to make sure I didn’t die but looking back I would have survived if I just used two normal health scrolls so you don’t NEED a rune scroll but they do help…anyways I literally repeated this strategy 4 times and killed him albeit the last two times with charge instead of concentrate.


Not much for me to say here, I don’t know your character but YOU do, it is very easy but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE HEALING SCROLL!! It would suck to make it all the way here and get critical hit by a level 40 challenge friend player and then end up losing and having to do it all over again.

Anyways, I hope I have helped you guys out!! I will be doing one of these for each section and putting them all together at the end for you guys, even if the tensai exam is over you can still use this guide for the nerfed version, it just won’t be as hard…

Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 3

Part 3 is a puzzle to measure your analytical skills, you have to live up the name of genius if you want the title of genius jounin (tensai) you have to break the seals in order to move on to the next seal and the seals are tough if you have no background in puzzle solving…

Locations of the runes:

the first seal I found was straight north 3 screens, you don’t have to fight the enemies if you don’t want to…then after you unlock that rune you travel south two screens and west one screen to get to the third rune…after you break that rune you must travel East one screen and then South 4 screens…from there after you unlock that one, travel North twice, and East once to get to the final rune.

Strategy to take them out:

Here is how the green and yellow markers work, say for example we need to guess 3 kekkai in the right order, we will give them each a number, 1-6…say you guess 4-3-1 and get 1 green and 1 yellow, that means one of the kekkai, 1 is the right kind in the right spot, and 1 of them is the right kind but in the wrong spot…so then we guess 4-1-3 and get 0 green and 2 yellow, we then know that the correct combo has to be SOMETHING-3-4, then you can go through and guess the kekkai until you get the right one.

NOTE: multiple of the same kekkai may need to be used in the same rune!! my final rune was 1-6-5-4-6 so there was two of the final kekkai, THEY REPEAT.


Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 4

Part 4 is one fight against 3 elemental monsters who can control any and all elements, this fight is rather easy if you can PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Both the color of the floor and surroundings and the color of the Shikigami will change, and BOTH are vital to your success…the Shikigami’s elements are difficult to see at times but you will be able to tell by looking at the body (earth will have floating rocks, lightning will have electricity flowing around it, fire will have a red glow, wind will have wind moving around and water will have bubbles around the body) you will need as many scrolls as you can carry, and you will need to ask your friends about their ninjas and the ninjas elements and such because you will need to have 2 very strong recruits with full earth stats (makes it so much easier)

There is no point in doing a full breakdown of the elements and cooldowns and such because it changes every battle, I also don’t know who your recruits are, their elemental jutsu or their ability so I won’t pretend to be god here and say things I don’t know for a fact, so on with the guide, here is what you will need to know to face these guys…

One more thing before we get to the actual guide, since there are 3 people you can control that all use from the same scroll pool make sure you bring plenty of scrolls…

Also, it would be wise to know that once you get it down to the last Shiki, he will always match the color on the floor, if he has high HP I would highly recommend only killing the second shiki if you have hellfire, keiko or a ton of status effects like sleep and stun, he will take minimal damage unless you have percentage based attacks

Hint for earth users:

Earth absorption *** 750 chakra so it gives you more then a charge and deals some damage on top.

Strategy and Breakdown:

The most basic thing about this fight that will make it ten times easier for you is that you need to pay attention to your surroundings…the fact that the color of the seal on the floor changes after X amount of turns (it varied during my two fights) and the fact that the 3 beasts all change their elements as well will play a huge role in how this fight plays out…

If the color on the floor is the same color as the element in use by one of the shikigami then that monster will get an 80% damage reduction making it not worth your while to attack it (unless you use burn) simply put it to sleep and focus on hitting the beast with the element OPPOSITE of the seal on the floor (see elemental weaknesses below)…if you can follow this your damage gets BUFFED, my friends Mud Golem Fist was hitting for 950 damage with no buffs used on my part (imagine that + strengthen + critical!)

Always always always focus your attacks on one shikigami if he is not the buffed beast, once you take out one of the shiki then the difficulty is reduced tenfold, same goes if you can take out two…I took out my first one when the other two had full health still…

I really don’t have much else for you, this fight is very variable meaning it changes a lot, all you need to do is pay attention to which element to attack, stay alive (keep your HP relatively high, if all three focus their attacks on you they can take out 1,000 damage so try not to dip below that) and pack a lot of status effect jutsus like stun, burn, restrict and sleep and you should be alright.

Elemental Weaknesses:

Blue – increases the damage and defense of Water Shikigami – decreases damage and defend of Fire Shikigami
Red – increases the damage and defend of Fire Shikigami – decreases damage and defense of Wind Shikigami
Violet – increases the damage and defend of Thunder Shikigami – decrease damage and defense of Water Shikigami
Brown – increases the damage and defend of Earth Shikigami – decreases damage and defense of Lightning Shikigami
Green – increases the damage and defense of Wind Shikigami – decreases damage and defend of Earth Shikigami


Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 5

So in this fight you will need 2 very powerful recruits who can both take blows and dish them out, as well as give status effects…if they can’t hit hard with their normal moves, hellfire and a bunch of supportive jutsus is probably the best bet here…

The breakdown of this fight is broken up into 2 segments –

The First Segment:

You will be fighting against the mighty Orochi (an alteration of Orochimaru’s Hydra I think) and this part is very very easy, just bring him down to half health by keeping status effects on him at all times and then either physically hitting him or using your highest powered jutsus, you should be able to cover this part no problem…

The main issue presented here is his Multi Breath move that hits all of you for around 300 damage, not too bad however it could present a problem if say you have a partner with critical health and he is using evasion, the area of effect moves go off of the party leader only (you) so no matter what your partner’s evasion is, if the area of effect hits you all of your partners get hit, so that is really all you need to watch out for, onward!

The Second Segment:

This is where the fight really picks up, two enemies, Kyotaro (Hidan) and Modu [sp?] (Kakuzu) will join the fight and they are each level 60, DO NOT FOCUS YOUR DAMAGE ON EITHER OF THEM, the quest is to kill the Orochi, not the S-Class criminals, Shin even gives you a warning by telling you “focus on the Orochi no matter the circumstance” and I think it would be wise to follow his guidance.

Anyways, this fight is very hard just based on the fact that you can get surprised by a hard hitting jutsu, the main person you need to watch out for is Kyotaro because he can hit up to 800 (without crit) on a single hit on one opponent quite frequently, and although his damage is similar to the Orochi’s damage, the Orochi’s damage is spread (300 to each partner), the damage caused by 700+ to one person is much harder to fix then 300 to 3 different onces.

As for strategy there really is not much that you can do, applying a fixed method will do you nothing but get you killed, you need to be able to adapt to the situation and make the most out of what seems like certain doom. Make sure you pack a lot of scrolls and are very familiar with your team mates and you should be fine. Congrats on being a tensai jounin!!!!

So I will post these in the order of hardest test -> easiest test…the hardest test was by far part 2, the sheer amount of time it took to come up with a strategy to implement was insane, as well as the luck factor, you could be unlucky at any point and get hit by a strong damaging move and be dead and have to start all the way over…the next hardest part was part 4, this was pretty hard but if you are familiar with your teammates and know proper strategy on how to keep the strongest enemy down as you take out the weaker ones this one was not that bad…very close behind part 4 was part 5, I could have very easily been killed by an unlucky critical hit by Kyotaro or even if one of them had targetted a different ninja, all in all this part was pretty tough as well…next in difficulty was part 3, this was a very fun puzzle that gave us a nice twist to the jounin exam…the easiest was part 1, just a nice warm up to get your brain going and teach you to be resourceful…

Well, that is the end of my guide, I hope it has helped each and every one of you out there to become Tensai Jounin, and even if it hasn’t I hope it has in some way helped you better yourself and your character…thanks for reading, if you have any questions please feel free to post them at the end and I will try to get to it ASAP

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