Paradise Life

  • Genre: Island Management
  • Developer: Icebreakgames
  • Monthly Users: 500
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Paradise Life is another Island management game on Facebook, brought by Icebreakgames, similar to Island Paradise or The Island: Castaway. In Paradise Life you are the new owner of an uninhabited tropical island. Explore your island and expand your family to build a thriving island town.

Your island is undeveloped and uncharted and you’ll need to clear the land to grow exotic fruits and vegetables, and raise animals. You’ll start a new life on the island by building a home, starting a family, and opening your own businesses. Invite your friends to play Paradise Life and you can explore your islands together.

Paradise Life developers promise frequent updates with new exotic fruits and vegetables, animals, and decorations, so remember to click on the “Like” button above to receive updates from them.

So what makes Paradise Life worth trying? Well for starters, it has beautiful graphics, cute characters, and a great overall look, nice soundtrack and effects. It also has some original quests, a great tutorial and even a great “How to..” guide book inside the game. Full screen option is also available, dress room, collections and more. I won’t say much more, because this is one game that you will for sure enjoy exploring, it really looks and feels fun to play, in my opinion it is a great game!

Tips and Tricks

Paradise Life forum

If you have any questions try using the Guide Book, the interrogation mark on the bottom right, just above the menu buttons, next to the Full screen button, a joy to look, detailed and with images!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out! And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments! And keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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