Pet City

  • Genre: Pets Virtual World
  • Developer: Catalyst Apps
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
  • GD Star Rating

Pet City is a Virtual World for Pets Facebook game, developed by Catalyst Apps, it is impossible to notice the similarity to Pet Society or PetVille, the question is, is it worst playing? or is just more of the same? Well… both answers are true, so lets take a better look…

In Pet City you can style your pet and decorate it’s home with gorgeous furnishings.  You star by choosing you pet gender and looks, with lots of options, you can spend some time just trying to get it as you desire. After this you are welcome to the tutorial by Jackie your first Pet friend, she will guide you through the first tutorial tasks, all very simple and quite well explained, you can’t miss the tasks 🙂

What makes Pet City a little different, from Pet Society for example, is that it is more structured, by this I mean, that it is easier to understand what you are up to, and which tasks you have ahead… all this is done by introducing a simple storybook, where all your progress and task are recorded, you can see what you have done, and take a look on the next assignments.

Other interesting features include the division of the different gameplay features, you have a Pet Care section with all the daily tasks, like bathing your pet or tinkling him, you have the games section where you can play with him and so on… on each of this sections you will have to unlock new features as you level-up.

You also have a specific wardrobe section, to dress-up your pet, collections and achievements, option to take photos of your pet, and visit your friends to have a drink or play.

Pet City also presents the daily reward in a different way, instead of the usual bonus, you get 2000 coins to go on a Shopping Spree, every 24 hours, you have to schedule it though, but you can do it right after the last Shopping spree so you don’t forget… There are lots of different shops to visit and spend your pet coins… and you also get a daily spin reward!

Another nice touch is the learning supplies board, where you have to gather supplies to teach your pet new toys or care articles.

Pet City graphics are great and cute, almost mandatory in this genre of game, just the game you want to play with your kids! Definitely a 5 star!

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Pet City Tutorial Screens

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