Pet Forest Online

  • Genre: MMO Role Playing
  • Developer: PlayOMG
  • GD Star Rating

Combined with Social Network Game features, Pet Forest Online presents us awesome graphics and smooth gameplay based on Flash technology.

Pet Forest Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that can be played on Facebook. Players can become Warriors, Mages, Priests, or Rangers. Each class has unique skills and talents, which can be enhanced by leveling up in the turn-based game play.

In the wonderland of Pet Forest, you can find almost all of the great features of MMORPG: avatar system, gear crafting, weapon reinforcement, living skills, numerous quests and much more. No matter what kind of avatar you want to be, warrior, sorcerer, archer or flamen, Pet Forest can satisfy all your needs.

In Pet Forest, the pets you raise are not just kittens for you to kill time, they have another identity: warrior. Yes, this game employs active time battles with assistance of various pets. A multitude of cute pets with unique looks and personalities are waiting for you to choose. I bet your eyes will feel overloaded with so many cute things.

Players also have pets with unique attributes that can assist them during battles.

Tips and Tricks

Pet Forest Online guide and tips

* Players can level up faster by creating a party and inviting other players to join their party. Players can also join parties created by other players.
* Party members should cooperate with each other so that everyone will gain experience quickly.
* Inviting your friends to play Pet Forest Online with you is one way of ensuring that you will always have party members willing to collaborate and work together as a team.
* The levels of monsters that you will attack should be well within the range of monsters that you can actually kill. Attack monsters that are a couple of levels lower or higher than your level. Do not attack extremely weaker monsters than you are as you would probably gain little experience from them.
* Make sure your party will be diverse. Try to invite at least one or two from each class to your party. Warriors will be great for melee attacks. Rangers are skillful at ranged attacks. Mages are powerful at elemental attacks. Last, but certainly not the least, priests will provide healing and supporting magic that will significantly boost the other party members’ abilities and power.
* Warriors should concentrate on physical trainings and weapon mastery as they have high physical damage resistance but low magical defense.
* Warriors should be equipped with heavy armor and powerful swords.
* Mages should concentrate on cultivating elemental powers and mental forces as they have limited physical defense.
* Mages can be major assets in party battles.
* Priests should concentrate on improving intelligence as well as enhancing their divine powers.
* Rangers should concentrate on swift but accurate attacks as high dexterity will increase their attack strength and ability to evade enemy hits.
* Players will receive first talent quest at level 16.
* Players above level 21 will receive one (1) talent point at every two levels.
* Players should not forget to purchase a talent book from the Handbook Merchant.
* Pet Skill Books and Pet Slot Keys can be acquired via quests in-game.
* Players will need to use a Pet Oblivion Shard for a pet to forget a skill.
* Oblivion Shards can be obtained from quests and level packages after you reach level 50. Players can also purchase Spellstones from the cash shop or buy them from other players in-game.
* The best solution for a pet with an extremely low happiness bar is feeding it a “Fruit of World Tree”.
* Pets and target enemies cannot have a level difference of 10 or more.
* Players can increase a pet’s vitality by feeding it pet cookies. Pet vitality is the pet’s energy source. It plays an important in combat. Keeping your pet constantly vitalized will help your pet deal more damage during battle.
* The rate of success of pet integration can be boosted by increasing the level of the minor pets to be used, using minors of a higher talent rank, and using a higher ranked fusion stone.
* A pet’s growth score determines the kind of stats the pet will get when it levels up. The higher the score, the more stats the pet will have.



No. Function Description
1 Character Information Display character HP, MP, EXP, and icon. Double-click will open up character information window.
2 Pet Information Display pet HP, MP, EXP, vitality, and icon. Double-click will open up pet window.
3 Quest Tracking Display current quest progress.
4 Chat Window Display all system and chat messages.
5 Enter Message Enter your char massage here.
6 Hotkey Setup Register item or skill upon these slots here.
7 Main Functions Click here to view character info (C), bag (B), skills (I), pet info (P), quest list (L), community (O), mailbox (Y), and action window.
8 Battle Mode Click to switch auto fight or manual fight mode.
9 Tutorial & Notice Click to check system reminders and tutorial message.
10 Action Message Display all character action messages, including quest acquisition, battle message, and item acquisition.
11 Channel Display current map and channel. Double-click to change your channel.
12 Item Mall & Auction Click to open up item mall & auction window.
13 Find Double-click to open up search window to find NPC / monster / quest / instance locations. Clicking on the coordinate can guide you to the specific location.
14 System Setup Click to open up system setup menu, including sound & effect setup.
15 World Map Click to open world map.
No. Function No. Function
1 1~10 8 Arrow keys: Move
2 T : Party invitation 9 L : Quest list
3 Y : Open mailbox 10 M : Open map
4 I : Open skill window 11 J : Trade with player
5 O: Open community window 12 B : Open bag
6 P: Open pet window 13 C : Character information
7 Enter: Send message 14 W, A, S, D : Move



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