Pet Tales

  • Genre: Pets game
  • Developer: Rivet Games
  • GD Star Rating

Pet Tales game is Closed

Pet Tales is just cute and wonderful, it is a Facebook game of pets, but so nicely done and so good looking that everybody should try it.

Your mission is to help restore an abandoned pet park with the help of your furry friends. Decorate your park, adopt adorable pets, and help turn your pet park into a beautiful destination for all the puppies and kittens in town.

You star by choosing your pet, from a bunch of extremely cute and well designed, dog or cats, all puppies.

You then have to perform tasks in order to get experience and advance in the game, the tutorial and starting quests are really nice and easy to follow, as should be expected in such a game.

The feeding and playing with you pet scene features fantastic animations and all the pets look so nice, really!

You can also visit friends, or if your pet is confident enough, send him on a date with other pet, all other interactions like helping on their gardens, or rescuing a lost puppy are there, all with great looks and slick gameplay.

Pet Tales is one of those games that really leaves an impression, even if you don’t like pet games, just take some time to enjoy the pet animations and looks.

Play dates and adventures await!

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Pet Tales, 4.8 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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