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  • Developer: Zynga
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PetVille is a game where you raise, dress, and care for a pet that you create. Visit your friends’ houses and play with their pets to earn coins you can use to make your pet and house the coolest on the block!

PetVille is a great game to play with your friends and their pets! Invite your friends to be your neighbors in this game to help you earn coins and level faster! Play fun mini games like Bubble Pop to earn coins and have fun!


PetVille Gameplay

How to play PetVille

Create a pet – At the start of PetVille you’ll be given your own pet for which you can customize. You’ll be able to alter the look of your pet via changing facial and body features like the head, eyes, mouth, ears, brows, nose, and pattern. You can also choose the gender or color of you pet if you want.

Cleaning your Pet – Your next step is to clean your pet. Grab the bar of soap and drag it back and forth over your pet to clean him/her. You’ll be given 10 love points and 10 coins for doing so. When you’re finished cleaning your pet, place the bar of soap into the storage container that is located at the bottom of your screen.

Clothing your Pet – Your pet will need some clothes to wear so you want to click on the wardrobe icon to select some for him/her. Just drag the clothing item from the list and place it on your pet

Feeding your pet – To feed your pet, click on the food bowl and select a food item for them to eat. Each item costs a different amount of PetVille coins to purchase and each item will only feed your pet for a certain amount of time.

After your pet finishes his/her bowl, you’ll get a prize. If you don’t feed your pet soon enough, they will starve or run away with your prize. However, if you refill your pet’s bowl before he/she gets hungry, you’ll earn a kibble time bonus. Each food item has a different bonus time and amount so choose your food items wisely. Generally speaking the more expensive the food item, the longer the bonus time and the greater the award.

Visiting neighbors – In the game you can visit your neighbors and play with them. To do this, click on their icon at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be taken to their place. Once you’re there you can choose something fun for both of you to do together. You’ll be able to choose from the following things: high five, gossip, tickle, dance, kiss, and handshake. Participating in these actions earns you love points (i.e. experience points), coins, and energy. While you’re there you’ll also want to help your friend by cleaning their home. Doing so earns you coins and an all clean bonus (i.e. good housekeeping bonus) if you finish the job.

Sending and receiving gifts – The game allows you to send your PetVille neighbors free gifts. To do this, click on the “Free Gifts” tab at the top of the screen. When you send these gifts, your PetVille friend will be notified. When you’re notified of a gift that you’ve received you’ll need to navigate to your Facebook requests page to accept it. You can also access gifts from the bottom of the screen by clicking on the “Gifts” box icon.

Adding PetVille neighbors – PetVille friends are beneficial to accumulate as they are a source for earning PetVille coins and love points. Click on the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the screen or the “Add Neighbor” icon near the bottom of the screen to invite your Facebook friends to join you in PetVille. Upon accepting your invitation to PetVille, they will appear in your PetVille friend list at the bottom of your screen.

Buying PetVille coins – Coins are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items at the PetVille store. You can only buy these coins using your PayPal account or credit card. The greater package you buy the better the value in terms of the cost per coin. If you don’t have a lot of time to play PetVille, buying coins lets you to take a shortcut in the game and attain various PetVille items more quickly.

Customizing your Pet’s home – PetVille allows you to go shopping to decorate your pet’s house by purchasing various items at the store. This includes furniture items like a sofa, chair, television, painting, stereo, lamp, art work, table, dresser, fireplace, snow globe, telephone, clock, and much more.

To go shopping, click on the “World” icon at the bottom of the screen and then select either Furniture. If you want to change the structural look of your pet’s home, select the Hardware option. Once you’re at the hardware store you’ll be able to buy things like flooring, walls, doors, and windows. Items vary in cost and they may not be available to you until they are unlocked at a certain level in the game.

Moving furniture, decorations, and structures – PetVille allows you to move items inside your pet’s home by simply clicking on the and dragging the item where you want it to be. Any item you purchase, such as furniture, decorations, or structural items (i.e. windows, doors) can be rearranged.

How to earn PetVille coins – PetVille money can be earned by washing your pet,  feeding your pet,  visiting PetVille friends and interacting/playing with them, selling furniture and other items,  giving your pet treats, and  cleaning.

PetVille love is required to level up – Playing earns you experience points (i.e. love) to level-up when completing tasks in the game such as washing your pet and your friends’ pets, cleaning your PetVille friends’ homes,  feeding your pet, and playing with your PetVille neighbors.

Adding more PetVille friends allows you to unlock certain items in the game and earn more coins and love points. Thus the more Facebook friends you invite to become your PetVille neighbors, the faster you can level up and the more money you can make in the game.

The game allows you to give both free and paid gifts. It is in your best interest to give often as it encourages your friends to do the same for you. Sometimes you may receive gifts you don’t need to other times you’ll be given gifts that you don’t have yet that you really need.

Make it a point to visit your friends’ houses to gain more love points and coins by washing their pet, cleaning their house, and playing with their pets. In return, you friends’ are more likely to reciprocate these acts of kindness.

Don’t forget to feed your pet – You’ll need to feed your pet often to not only earn more PetVille love and PetVille coins but to prevent your pet from starving and running away. Make sure you choose food that lasts a long time if you are not going to be able to return to the game for awhile.

Give back to friends frequently – Assisting your PetVille neighbors by gifting and tidying up their homes is great for everyone. This is because you earn coins and love points for doing it and it encourages your neighbors to reciprocate.

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