Pirate Galaxy

  • Genre: Space MMORPG
  • Developer: Splitscreen Studios GmbH
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

PIRATE GALAXY is a massively multi-player game where you take the role of a daring space pirate, exploring dangerous planets and hunting alien starships to steal their valuable cargo. It is free to play and features amazing 3D

The human empire is corrupted. It was a wealthy and peaceful alliance of planets once. Earth has been one of the first targets of an alien species that we call Mantis. Destroying space defense, burning down colonies colonies, plundering their resources – it all happened fast.
The last colonial forces, located in the Vega System, struggle with the increasing power of the intruders. But there is also a second threat: smugglers, desperate space pilots, that betray their own kind top get their hands on just some of the valuable Cryonite.

But with rumors about the mantis preparing for a final attack, colonial guards and smugglers might find a way to cooperate to resist the enemy.

Players start as one of those smugglers, stealing for their survival, accomplishing missions for shady characters. But, for their own good, they will team up and finally strike back against the enemy.

Pirate Galaxy Features

Science Fiction Role Playing Game
Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Free To Play
Status: Launched Q2 2009
Featuring: rich 3D visuals, depth story, loads of carefully designed planets to explore, thousands of missions, hundreds of items to unlock

Tips and Tricks

How to Play Pirate Galaxy

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PIRATE GALAXY – Official Trailer 2009

Pirate Galaxy Online

Pirate Galaxy Gameplay


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