Pirate Legacy

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Paprika Labs
  • GD Star Rating

Pirate Legacy is a Facebook game developed by Paprika Labs and published by 6Waves, it is a game about piracy and all that comes with it, plundering, fighting and treasure hunting…

Pirate legacy is a role playing game, have no doubt about it, it has a great storyline, great manga style graphics and lots of adventures for you to embrace.

You start the game by choosing your character gender and appearance, and are immediately taken to you first adventure, the game tutorial is quite paced, sometimes maybe too much as you feel you have no time to explore all the game options, but this isn’t necessarily bad, you get used to all the basics features and option this way, and this is how the game plays, lots of fights and exploring.

At the beginning you are limited to one port and a little area of the sea to explore, you have to do some fighting, sincerely, this is for me the worst part of the game, as the fight doesn’t level up to the rest of the game, it is to static, you are limited to some buttons, like attack, defend or use special skill that become available as you advance in the game.

As for role playing matters, Pirate Legacy is full of it, this is maybe one of the most deep role playing games available for Facebook, it has a great story to back the game advance, and all the usual characteristics of a role playing game.

You attributes grow as you gain levels, for stats fans it has all the basic stuff, attack, defense and speed attributes, accuracy, evasion, critical and blocking percentages. There are also weapons to increase your power and armor and special items to help you out on your quests, much of these items are gained precisely as quest rewards.

There are also special skills to learn and upgrade, this takes some time you can wait or pay for immediate upgrades.

After the tutorial quests you will have more freedom to explore the world around you, you’ll be able to travel to other ports, and fight other players, friendly or not, and other NPC characters. Lots of quest await for the most simple ones, to bigger and enduring ones that will keep you coming back in order to finish them.

On the social aspect, you can as already told, fight with your friends, but also hire them as crew members, there are some restrictions thought, you have to invite 3 friends and reach level 8 in order to recruit friends as crew members, to hire soon you have to spend some cash.

There are also Trophies to win, by completing collections of items, mostly awarded for finishing quests and a game chat were you can talk in real time with other players and a Leaderboard, that always adds value to the game.

Overall Pirate Legacy is one of the best role playing games  available for Facebook, what do you need more to try it?

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