Pirates Saga

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: can't stop games, 6 waves
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Pirates Saga is a game that blends RPG battles with finding treasures in lost cargo or unexplored islands. This description sounds a lot like Playfish’s Pirates Ahoy and Pirates Saga certainly looks a lot like that game. Pirates Saga plays very differently, though, emphasizing pure combat and questing. You spend Pirates Saga sailing to various chains of islands, spending energy to loot valuables, and trying to find ammunition you can use to fight various enemies and even other players.

Start as a brave adventurer in the Caribbean and face the thrill of pirate life. Find ancient treasures, discover mysterious lands and meet your destiny. Become the most powerful corsair of the high seas!

And remember – the famed Eldorado is waiting to be discovered! Generations of explorers searched for it in vain. Conquistadors travelled across the New World only to lose any track of it. But now… Now is the time of pirates and everything is possible. Can you be the one to find the treasure? Can you find Eldorado?

Game features:

• Fight other players in real time!
• Discover the exotic thrill of the Caribbean!
• Build your ship and rule the high seas!
• Live out the pirate adventure!



Pirates Saga Intro

How to play Pirates Saga

How can I steer the ship?
There are three ways that you can use to guide your ship to a chosen spot:
– click and hold your mouse over the water – this way you can lead your ship with the movement of your mouse
– click on the desired location, the ship will sail there
– go to the minimap at the bottom of the screen; on the map click the desired location – the ship will sail there automatically
How do I get more Energy and Health?
1. Energy regenerates on its own: 1 point every 5 minutes.
2. Every minute you also regain 5% of your maximum Health.
3. You can feed your crew and regain some Energy, depending on the quality of the meal. You can buy food with Facebook Credits in the Shop.
4. When you need Health or Energy, you can ask your friends to send you some. The request window will pop out when you’re low on Energy or Health – you can then post a request on your wall. Your friends will be able to send you a Barrel of Fish Oil, which replenishes 100% of your Health, or an Energy Potion to replenish 20 Points of Energy.
5. You can use one Fish Oil and one Energy Potion every 24 hours.
6. The last way of getting Health is turning Energy into Health. The ADD button will be available below the Health bar when your Health drops under 30%.
What’s the difference between quests and tasks?

1. Each zone features a set of quests which will allow you to progress further in your adventure.
2. You need to complete all quests to go to the next zone. Quests are not optional.
3. The goal of your active quest will be shown on the minimap with a green arrow.
4. Tasks are optional, but sometimes you need to complete them to be able to get to the next map (see: Rule The Zone tasks). Completing them is a good way of getting extra experience and gold.
5. Tasks can be obtained at various places marked on your map. For example: from buildings like Windmill or Sawmill.
6. The goal of your active task will be shown on the minimap with an orange arrow.
7. There are three types of tasks:
– delivery task – as soon as you accept the task, you have to deliver certain item (it’s not really visible in your hold) to its destination. Beware the NPC ships which will attack you on your way!
– cargo task – here you get an order for a certain amount of cargo that can be gathered somewhere in the zone.
– equipment task – the third type of tasks that can be completed only with special items available in the Storage and Equipment tabs on your Ship window.
8. You can also get tasks from your friends – they don’t have to do anything (only have an account in the game), their ships will just show up in several places on the map and give you tasks.
What are “Rule The Zone” tasks?

1. To complete a zone and be able to enter the next one, each player has to finish “Rule The Zone” tasks. “Rule The Zone” window can be entered by clicking on the crown button or orange bar just above the friends list.
2. The progress bar fills up with every picked up “crown” token – you get it for all the actions that are needed to complete the zone.
3. On the left side of the game screen there’s a large crown icon – when you click it, a window with one of the “Rule The Zone” tasks pops out and gives you a hint how to complete it. When you click on the requirement, it leads your ship straight to the target.
What is the Action Bar and how can I edit it?

1. Your action bar is visible above your “Rule The Zone” bar.
2. Here you can find your shots, potions and other items helpful in fights. You can use your potions anytime you want, the other items can be used only during combat.
3. To customize your action bar, click on the green arrow on the right side of the Action Bar – here you can choose which items should be available for you from the regular game screen. Just drag & drop chosen item to the slot.
What’s the difference between my Hold, Storage and Equipment tabs in the Deck menu?

1. In your Hold you can find all the cargo that you gathered (e.g. from Farms or Fisheries) and haven’t sold yet.
2. In your Storage you can see how many tools of each kind you have.
3. In your Equipment you will find special items needed to complete some tasks and quests. If you lack a needed item, you can also buy it here with gold.
What is my crew needed for? How can I get more crewmen?

1. You get new crewmen when you advance to higher levels or complete quests.
2. Every crewman gives you a certain bonus (eg. you can harvest more cargo). You can check what ability your crewman has by hovering your mouse over his image.
3. Your crewmen can advance to higher levels; the higer the level, the more you can gain out of their help. They collect experience every time you use their abilities.
4. Sometimes your crewman has all the experience he needs to level up, but you can’t advance him – that’s because every crewman level also has captain level requirement. If your level is too low, you cannot advance your crewman yet. Every advance also needs gold.
How can I improve my ship?

1. You can upgrade your ship’s cannon power, hold or durability in the Upgrades tab (Deck menu).
2. Each upgrade level needs resources – gold and tools.
3. Better upgrades become available when you advance to higher levels.
4. Cannon and durability upgrades have always 9 levels unlockable with gold&tools and one with Facebook Credits. Hold upgrades have 4 levels unlockable with gold&tools and one with Facebook Credits.
5. While advancing to higher levels you can also get better ships – for one ship available with FB Credits there’s always another, available with gold.
Where can I find and how can I use Trenzado Shots?

You can find the Trenzado Shots in the chests dropped by the defeated Fangies (only on Isla Trenzado). To use them in the fight against the Plaguers, go to the Action Bar edit screen. Action bar is located above your friends list – to start editing, click the green button on the right side of the bar.
In the edition window, go to the next page using the arrow. Choose Trenzado Shots from the list and drag them to the desired slot in the action bar. Now go ahead and use them in battle!

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