Planet Domo

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Developer: TheBroth
  • GD Star Rating

Play Planet Domo and uncover the myth of the Giant Strawberry Cheesecake. Play now and become the most famous adventurer in the world!

In Planet Domo, you are Domo the famous mascot of Japanese broadcast network NHK. And your are on a mission, to search and ultimately find a giant strawberry Cheesecake.

You start on New York city, and you have to travel around the world searching for clues on where to find the so desired cheesecake. While on your journey you will collect postcards, travel around and gain money and experience, which will lead to leveling up.

Friends are highly requested in Planet Domo, as some quests need you to ask for items from friends or pay credits as alternative.

Planet Domo is played by areas, once you complete all the requested activities, you can join all the puzzle pieces and move on to the next.

Graphically Planet Domo features great cartoonish artwork and environments, postcards are very nice too, it is quite a simple game, and features a very straightforward storyline, although you can always replay already finished levels. But a nice game for relaxed play and geographic traveling for the youngest.

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Planet Domo, 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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