Pockie Ninja

  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Ngames, Game321
  • Monthly Users: 10000
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Pockie Ninja is a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing game that you can play on Facebook, Pockie Ninja is the first anime-based browser game that features “One character, multi-classes”, which changes the traditional notion that “one character can only play one class”. Besides the handy operation of browser game, you’ll also enjoy the fun of using diversified manga characters.

Embark on the journey on the eastern world full of Ninja heroes, make good use of your magical skills to fend off all invasions from the evil forces. You are the real Ninja to shoulder the responsibility to bring the peace.

Pockie Ninja is a mix of  other famous anime like Naruto and Bleach, the gameplay is fast paced as you have to engage your enemies in Street Fighters beat-em-up style fights.

It features all the options of a role playing game, you can improve your ninja skills in innumerable ways, this results on the multi-class feature of the game, where you can combine skills from various classes to create a unique character, with powerful abilities.

You also have lots of armor types and weapons to choose from as you explore the game world and defeat your adversaries. You can also have pets, there are 16 available, each with its on skills and special abilities.

The main features of Pockie Ninja include:

Synthesis of variety brings unlimited innovation. A random combination of any three items can achieve unexpected result. Pockie Ninja has a unique synthetic system, which allows you to synthesize any items. Up to thousands combination will let you experience the fun of creation and innovation.

You can explore different scenes also have surprises. Every explorable map has its own mode, revealing new elements even after several searches. With the raise of exploration level, rewards will be upgraded as well.

Hundreds of different outfits offer plentiful attributes and skills. Costumes in Pockie Ninja are not simply a clothes show, they will change player’s attributes, skills and equipments, providing a list of class options for you to choose.

Pockie Ninja has a diversified skill system, including Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, Thunder Release, Vitality, Seal, Ninja item, Illusion, Healing, each of which contains five main skills. By careful tactic combination, you can get various combat modes emphasizing attack, defense or counter attack, etc.


The World Tournament is a place for you to contest with other heroes and fight for the championship. From top 16 to top 8, from the final four to semifinals, the strongest player will win the contest. Meanwhile, players can also bet on every battle to win lavish rewards.

National League

System will pick eligible players who meet the rank requirement to participate National League.  On the basis of accumulated score, player will attend C-rank league, B-rank league, A-rank league, S-rank league. Only winners of S-rank league are qualified for W-rank championship. Only the strongest can have the chance to win. Each team contest offers unique trophy, which can be synthesized. Player may be granted with generous rewards after synthesis.

The game features a great learning curve, has a lot of information, guides and tutorials for newbies as well as detailed information on exploration, level and skills.

Overall Pockie Ninja is a great game for fans of anime and MMORPG, but its graphics and cute detailed animations, environment and versatility of gameplay gives new players a reason to try it!

Tips and Tricks

How to play Pockie Ninja (From the Official Game Site)

Synthesis Rules

In Pockie Ninja, all items can be used for synthesis or be synthesized.

Open the synthesis interface, place main item and catalyst separately, click “Begin Synthesizing” to continue. Synthesis should follow the rules below:
1. Each synthesis requires certain amount of stones. If you want to synthesize the resultant again, then the consumption of stones will increase accordingly. Initial consumption will be reset on 00:00:00 everyday.
2. If multiple items are dragged into the synthesis interface, only one will be synthesized. For example, 99 watermelon are placed in one slot, only one will be used for synthesis. The rest 98 watermelons will be retained.
3. The synthetic product will be displayed on the right slot, while the rest items will remain in place. If the synthesis failed, then the main item will remain in place.
4. Items that already embedded in the equipment will be synthesized together. Please remove the item beforehand.
5. If bound item is involved in the synthesis, the resultant will be bound as well.
6. Regarding the grade of synthesis, if the main synthetic item has a higher grade than auxiliary item, then the synthesis may result in grade decline; and vise versa. If the grade of main and auxiliary item are the same, then the grade of synthetic item will remain unchanged.

read more on Synthesis

Basic Attributes

Click character image to check all attributes information.

Basic attributes of a character is consisted with three parts: strength, agility and stamina. Each one can be subdivided into additional attribute that has impact on attack and defense.

Strength: Influence character’s attack and block attributes.
Attack: Influence damage to opponent.
Block: Influence resistance of opponent’s attack and decrease most damages.
Agility: Influence character’s speed and dodge.
Speed: Influence character’s attack speed.
Dodge: Influence character’s dodge chance.
Stamina:Influence character’s HP and Chakra.
HP: Influence character’s health points.
Chakra: Influence character’s energy needed for skill release.

Lots and lots of more info in the game guides and forum.

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

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