Pub Life

  • Genre: Restaurant Management
  • Developer: Dapper Games
  • GD Star Rating

In Pub Life, you create, grow and manage your own pub. Design a cool bar restaurant in a range of styles from traditional to trendy, from plain to posh. Establish your pub as the heart of a thriving social community, hosting groups from local events such as a music festival, a football match, or a farmers’ market, as well as other fun occasions.

Pub Life is yet another restaurant management Facebook game, the game plot sets you managing an old fashion English Pub, that you have just inherit from your uncle, you can serve several ale types and appetizers.

The game is actually pretty themed up, with lots of ale brands, and nice snacks to serve to your customers. you can decorate your establishment, with lots of different tables, seats, different bar counters, etc…

You can also buy some pub games like a pool table or a dartboard, arcade games or even television or karaoke machine to entertain your patrons…

As usual, you get experience by serving your customers, which allows you to level up, unlocking new items, beer type, snacks and the whole lot…you can even get a permit for outdoor space once you get to level 7.

Friends are necessary to finish some quests, you choose which quests to do and when to do them, you can ask your friends for parts, needed to perform some of the quests, you can also send gifts, visit them and help out, mainly by cleaning up the mess, customers leave.

Pub Life plays out like Restaurant City, where you have to open up for business, choosing the amount of time you want to be open for service, when closed you can improve you establishment, expand it, and clean up for the next shift.

Overall, Pub Life has nice graphics and music, nice gameplay, but ultimately bring nothing new to the genre, with exception to the theme, another interesting thing is there is no energy requirements to the gameplay.

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