• Genre: Puzzle
  • Developer: TheBroth
  • Monthly Users: 6495
  • GD Star Rating

Puzzlebee lets you turn your favorite photos into functional virtual jigsaw puzzles. You can challenge your friends or let all of Facebook try to complete your homemade puzzles.Advance in rank from Baby Bee to Queen PuzzleBee!

In PuzzleBee you can create jigsaw puzzles from your own photos and share them with your friends!Compete for the best time in the daily puzzle!

PuzzleBee is a great puzzle game, you can create your own puzzle, just upload an image, choose the difficulty level and if it show the final result or not, and you have your own puzzle for you or other players. You can also play ohter players creations, compete for the daily puzzle challenge, etc.

Puzzle Bee is a very well designed and achieved puzzle game, which will give you lots of diversified and even customized playing time if you like to do puzzles.

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PuzzleBee, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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