• Genre: Sports, American Football
  • Developer: Majesco Entertainment Company
  • GD Star Rating

QUICKHIT NFL Football is a really great experience for Football Fans on Facebook, it is an Officially Licensed NFL game, and you can see that, with all the depth and options available.

Unlike twitch-style games, QUICKHIT NFL Football offers a persistent season that lets fans build a football dynasty by earning fantasy points with every game. Fans turn their rookies into professionals, improving their rank, and boosting their players’ levels in a quest to become the top-ranked Coach of the virtual gridiron.

You have to train your players, making them evolve and boosting your team, manage you lineup and actually playing the games as coach, with decisions on the plays to make, it gives you a great sensation of realism.

Several modes are available, single player, challenges or multi player, along with leader board and options to invite your friends to play along, Makes this game a much more realistic approach than Madden NFL Superstars, so if you are a Fan you should try QUICKHIT NFL Football.

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QUICKHIT NFL Football, 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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