RavenWood Fair

  • Genre: City Building, Role Playing
  • Developer: Lolapps
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Ravenwood Fair is a Facebook game that lets you build a fair for critters amongst a dark forest. As the the game progresses, you find there are other forces conspiring to see you fail, all this while interacting with various cute critters and characters. Clear the scary forest and build a fun fair!

Ravenwood Fair is one of the growing games on Facebook at the moment. Ravenwood Fair is an addictive role playing game set deep in the scary Woods where you as a fearless entrepreneur decide to clear the land and build a fun Fair for all the woodland animals to enjoy.

Ravenwood Fair is a delightful game full of quests and interesting story lines developed by LOLapps for Facebook. Ravenwood Fair allows you to create an amazing Renaissance fair deep in the woods while you complete quests and guide the discussions of adorable woodland friends that visit you while keeping them safe from the scary creatures of the deep woods. Build games and attractions to keep visitors coming to the Fair and earn energy, sap, food, and wood to help you build even more.

John Romero is the creator of the Doom and Quake games that have haunted the memories of a generation of gamers with over-the-top shoot-em-up violence. Now he is trying his hand at making a cute Facebook game called Ravenwood Fair.

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Ravenwood Fair strategy guide and tips

To earn profits faster and allow your visitors faster access to all of your attractions, move all of your attractions so that they are closer together. You can even do this with attractions that are already built, but that you have to chop down scary trees to access – just chop down the trees, clear the thorns or whatever you have to clear, then when you clear the thorns off, just move the attraction so that it’s closer to the center of the fair, where the visitors enter the fair. The smaller the distance your visitors have to walk, the faster they can get to all of the attractions, and thus the more money they can spend.

More fun = more visitors = more money.

There is a number of games already built in your fair that can earn you money, but are covered by thorns and hidden by scary trees, so once you chop down the scary trees and make it to the games, you can de-thorn them, and voila, you have yourself a free game. .

Go visit your neighbors’ fairs. You’ll get energy boosts and bonus money for doing so (and for responding to their feeds), and you’ll earn extra experience points for playing with their attractions. Some of their attractions can be played with without even using any energy points to do so, so play with those.

Talk to your visitors when you see them. Sometimes they’ll just talk fluff, but it’s still entertaining to talk to your visitors, just like talking to the townspeople in an RPG, just to hear what they say. Some of them will even drop inside jokes, like a reference to the millennial fair in Chrono Trigger. Other times, visitors will tell you what they really want to see at the fair (hint hint – use this to figure out what to build at the fair).

Don’t be afraid to spend your mushrooms on energy boosters. This is one of the few energy-based games where energy can be bought with a free currency, and you can earn plenty of mushrooms simply from chopping down scary trees. So when you want to splurge on energy, go for it.

If you see one of your visitors shaking, click on them. They’re scared, and if you click on them and calm them down, they will no longer be scared, and instead be ready to start spending money at the fair again.

If you want to figure out what’s best to build early on, look at the price of whatever buildings and/or games you can choose from, and compare price to both the fun and profit factors. One of the best things to build is a sweet corn stand. Build a lot of cheap attractions to start off with, and you’ll make a lot of money.

One of the quickest ways to earn money and experience (and to get a sense of what direction you want to take your fair in) is to concentrate on beating various quests. You’ll get huge bonuses for doing quests, and the tasks that you are trying to complete, will help your fair anyways.

If you are fairly close to a level-up and have money to spend on a new game or a new building, don’t buy it and level up just yet. First, go do all that you need to do that costs energy (chop trees, refill attractions, comfort visitors, etc). Then, after you use all of your energy, build what you need to build and gain your experience level. Once you gain the level, you end up with all of your energy back. This is a quick and easy way to refill your energy without spending any mushrooms or Facebook credits.

When a Domovoi appears, there is really no need to wallop him unless you’re about to log offline. They do absolutely nothing, except slightly increase the frequency of scared visitors, and walloping them over and over uses up energy that would otherwise be spent chopping down trees or refilling various attractions. Don’t smash them unless you absolutely need to. Only one Domovoi can appear at a time – you can never have two Domovoi. The developers updated the game though, so that each Domovoi only takes 1 energy to smash, thereby making it far less of an energy drain than before, when it took 2 to 4 energy to smash a Domovoi.

To exchange mushrooms for energy, go to the store and go to “Packs”. There will be different energy packs that you can buy in exchange for mushrooms, allowing you to do more in the game without spending Facebook credits. Don’t buy any packs if you are close to leveling up though – just build another attraction, or chop trees until you get enough experience points to level up.

Make sure to keep track of what buildings and games you need to complete. Take note of which ones you need to finish, and which ones were the most expensive to buy and will give you the most profit. Try to complete these ones first.

If you have a lot of energy, but you have nothing to do with it, first, you need to have protectors built (such as the Happy Oak). Go to the “move” tool and move it (or just put it back down in the same spot). Either way, it will need recharging. Recharge it all the way, and then repeat, and you’ll earn more money, experience, and other items even if you run out of trees to clear.

In order to be able to de-thorn the dunk-a-bug, simply follow the quests that the Princess gives you. She will give you quests to de-thorn various items on the map, starting with the churro stand, and continuing to the thunderbox and then to the dunk-a-bug. Do the quests in the order that she gives them, and then you’ll be able to de-thorn the dunk-a-bug. In the mean time, build your own dunk-a-bug to increase the fun factor and profit by a lot.

To figure out how much fun your park needs in order to get more visitors, put your mouse arrow over the “fun” column. When you do this, the amount of fun needed for the next visitor will pop up.

Even if you cut down all the trees in the forest, the trees will keep coming back, trying to “take back the forest” always giving you something to do with the energy you have. The more trees you have already cut away, the more trees come back in a shorter amount of time.

Chop Lots of Trees

Chopping down trees in Ravenwood Fair isn’t just necessary for clearing out space, but also for gathering necessary materials. Chopping trees will yield wood, money, and experience, and in some instances even extra energy. It’s also one of the only ways to gather rare materials like ladybugs and sap, which you’ll need to build most of the attractions for your fair.

Keep An Eye On Your Fun Level

The main goal of Ravenwood Fair is to attract customers. And the only way to do this is by making your fair as fun as possible. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your fun level, which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen and will tell you just how much more fun is needed to attract a new customer. One of the cheapest ways to increase your fun level is to buy lots of decorations.

Have Plenty Of Games

Games are also a great way to keep your fun levels high, but they also serve another purpose: making you lots of money. As long as you keep your games stocked on a regular basis, they’ll yield plenty of cash that you can then invest in further fair improvements. But just make sure to restock them regularly, because otherwise they become useless.

Don’t Forget To Eat

Ravenwood Fair is pretty generous when it comes to energy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run out eventually. In these instances it’s important not to forget that you can use food, which is collected by chopping down trees, to buy additional energy. The more food you have, the more energy you can buy.

Deal With Enemies Right Away

As you clear out the scary forest, you’ll come across plenty of evil creatures (like the wooden Domovoi hiding amongst the trees in the image above). It’s important to deal with these enemies as soon as possible. Not only can they prevent you from performing actions by stunning you, but they’ll also scare your customers. Defeating them also tends to yield fairly high levels of experience points.

Keep Plenty Of Protectors Around

It’s tempting to spend all of your money and resources on attractions and decorations, but you should also consider investing in protectors. These objects will help calm down customers who get scared, so you won’t have to. Each one only has a limited range, however, so it’s best to keep a few scattered across your fair.

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Ravenwood Fair – How to Restock Games & Buildings

  • It is critical that you keep all of your games and buildings stocked as this increases your Fun Rating which brings more visitors to your Fair.
  • At any time you can place your cursor over an item to see what the inventory is and how close it is to needing a refill.
  • Once it is time to restock the word “Restock” will appear as shown in video above.
  • Simply click on it and the Game or building will restock and you will immediately earn the fun rating points.
  • Restocking will also cost you 1 Energy point each time you do it.

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