Real Madrid Fantasy Manager Guide and Tips

This tutorial will guide you through the basic steps on Real Madrid Fantasy Manager and AC Milan Fantasy Manager, as they are basically the same but with different teams, the game currently only has the option to manage this 2 Teams, lets hope they come with more in the future.

You first task is to select you initial squad, you have 90 million € to spend on 15 to 17 players with a minimum of 2 keepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfield players and 3 attackers.

Hit the search button and choose your players, when you finish you get a valid warning at the top, and you save and start the game.

Initial start-up screen


Choose carefully, because after you start the game you cannot come back to this screen and you have to use the players you have selected.

Every day you come back you get a reward for playing.

Daily reward screen



This is the main game screen, you can see all the option to access the other games screens, if you get lost just hit the home button at the top left above the game screen. Next you have your current Budget, your shields amount, the number of partners, energy, experience and level. Also the Team, Club, Signings, Matches, Facilities and Shop Menu.

Note: Some menu options like Jobs are only accessible from this menu, if you got through the club Chair you don’t have the Jobs option.

Main game screen

On the top left of the image you can see the home button, followed by the support button, on the top right you can choose your preferred language.

On the bottom you have your current players, just above the play game button, all other option will be explained bellow.

Also further below the game screen you have the partner/friends invite / follow options:

Invite friends


The Team menu has 3 option, Team File, Team and Line-up, and can be accessed from the menu or the Board:

Team File – You can access you team stats, level, budget, attack and defense stats, and team’s weekly salary. Also the games won, tied and lost.

You can also see which boost you have or buy equipment to improve you team, you can also see your players individually, train or sell them.

Team File Screen


Team Screen

Please remember that the points you will get from each player will vary according to their performance in each real life game they play, so you must keep an eye on point variations. Keep them in full shape because their fitness levels will help you win your games. Please note: Make it a priority to keep high fitness levels among those players in your original line up each week, particularly as keeping each player fit will cost 5 energy points.

Team Screen


The line-up

Adjust your line up to make the most of your team’s potential and choose the best players at any time to play your matches. You may choose from the most offensive (1-3-4-3) to the most defensive (1-5-4-1) line up. When choosing your line up, you must consider the characteristics and fitness levels of all your players.

Line up


Club Menu

In the club menu you have Jobs, Partners, Bank, Rankings and Prizes, there is a sort of bug in the game, because if you access the club through the Chair in the main screen you don’t have the Jobs option, instead you have signings option, which has its own menu…

Jobs Screen

Jobs – You can perform tasks where you use energy, to gain experience and/or money. Some jobs demand partners to complete, you have to invite friends to partner up with you with benefits to both.

Jobs Screen


Partners Screen

Partners option – Invite your friends to join Real Madrid Manager and obtain more supporters. A higher number of supporters/partners will help you get ahead faster in the game. You can also attract more partners from the shop by launching a membership campaign. As you get ahead in the game, higher levels will require new partners to carry out certain jobs in order to obtain more benefits. Please note that your partners will also help you win games.

You can also carry out a partners campaign, paying 2 shields to get 1 partner.

Partners Screen

The Bank

The bank is a good option so other users will only be able to snatch the smallest possible amount of money when you lose a challenge or game. Please remember that the bank will charge you 10% of the total amount deposited in order to keep your money safe.

The Bank Screen


The Ranking

Try and place your team as high up as possible in all rankings (weekly, monthly and general) to get fabulous prizes, from shields to be used in the game to a “”Day in White””. Take a look at the prizes and keep an eye on them; they will be memorable. If you click on a user’s name you will be able to view their team and their club’s file.

The Ranking Screen



Here you can see all the prizes available to the best players.



Search the Market

In the signing screen you can search for the most suitable players for your style of play and improve your team to make it more competitive and win all your rivals in the player’s market. Each day you have 45 new players ready to be part of your team. As an additional help you can recharge the list of 45 players only for 1 shield, up to 4 times a day. You should think well if you want to sign up a player from the list before you recharge it again, because after you do it you won’t have the players from the previous list available.

Daily Signings


Matches and Challenges

Confront other users and show them what you are made of. Challenge them, win the game and get experience and part of your rival’s budget. Rivals with higher budgets will earn you more money when defeated. But remember that if you lose the game your rival will part with some of your budget money. If you wish to minimize your risk, always use the bank in order to keep your money safe. Each game you play will use 25 energy points.

Tip – Try to challenge players with less attack and defense points than you, you can reload list with no cost until you find a suitable adversary.

Matches / Challenges Screen


Facilities Screen

Refurbish Santiago Bernabeu stadium, expand Valdebebas sporting village and build shops around the world to increase your revenue. Each new facility built will have certain features to make the most of the revenue that it will yield but you will have to keep an eye on them so you can collect all the revenue that they will generate. You have 4 free plots of land in each category and you can choose the facilities that you consider more adequate.

Note – Facilities are of most importance, as they provide for a stable source of revenue, you can later sell lower income facilities and replace them with more profitable ones when you have more money to build them.

Facilities Screen

The Shop

At the shop you can purchase several different improvements that will help your club get ahead faster in the game (attract partners, recharge your energy, etc.). There you will find equipment to boost your player’s and your team’s attack and defense levels and boosts to keep all your team in shape as well as other options that will make your club the winning team.

The Shop Screen

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