Real Madrid Fantasy Manager

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Want to play the role of the “Special one”? This is your chance, play as Mourinho in this great Football management game!

Create and manage your own team.- Sign up any player from the League or the best sides in Europe and show your ability as a manager by controlling all aspects of the club: sports, finances, marketing, etc.

Your goal is to become the best manager of the game, reaching the highest level by working for the club on a daily basis from your own office.

Loved by some, hatred by other, but in any case, everyone knows him, in Real Madrid Fantasy Manager you can be in Mourinho’s shoes, how well you do, depends on your performance!

There are some game more difficult to review than others, sometimes because they just are bad and you don’t really know how to describe them, and there are some that have so many things, and so many features that you don’t know where to start, Real Madrid Fantasy Manager is one of the later.

Fantasy Manager Main Screen


Real Madrid Fantasy Manager is a football management game, not every one likes it, that’s for sure, but it features and merges such great features, that even players that don’t like football may be willing to play it.

First you have to choose your initial line-up, you have a budget of 90 million euros, and you have to choose at least 15 players from a pool of the best players of the best European teams. All the great player are there with their pictures and priced accordingly to their market price, top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the most expensive, and if you what one of them in your team, you have to give more than half of you total money. When choosing your initial team you have to be careful, try to make up for a balanced team, or not…, you can later sell players and buy new ones, but if you initial buy Cristiano Ronaldo for 50 million euros and want to sell him after, you only get 20 millions for him.

After this initial step, of choosing your first 15 players, you are taken to the main game screen, you cannot go back on your choices, so choose carefully!

Line-up Screen


When entering the game you are welcomed by Mourinho itself, and he will be your help during the game, just hit the help button and he will come up with some tips and information.

The main game screen is your Barnabeu Office, from this screen you have access to the other game features, for more inexperienced players the game can be a bit confusing at the beginning, due to the amount of options and things that each screen presents.

You have to prepare you team for matches, choose the best lineup from your squad, keep the players feet to play, etc, all this just in the Team option. You also have to manage your Facilities, build facilities in the Barnabeu Stadium, in Valdebebas training camp or even in the rest of the world, like Real Madrid International Supporters Association or the Real Cafe in New York , just to mention a few examples. Each facility will produce revenue from time to time, making for an important revenue source to your finances.

Facilities Screen


Real Madrid Fantasy Manager focus a lot on daily play tasks, keeping the players occupied and ensuring their comeback, this is good for dedicated players, but may be too demanding for casual players. Everyday there is a list of new players in the market that you can buy for your team, there also jobs to be done, while your energy doesn’t runs out, each day you will have special deals to enhance your squad.

Real Madrid Fantasy Manager will use the real games on each championship along the season to establish each player value and performance for the game, so you have to follow your players on their games in real world championships. This give a completely different sense to the game, much more realism but at the same time demands that you have the right information and knowledge, to decide at each point whether to keep or sell any particular player. This “Bond” to the real world is for sure a great addition to the game.

While doing all this, you have to keep your players form, you do this by training them, which is done at the cost of energy, here you also have to manage carefully, which players you really want in top form for you games. You gain experience necessary to level up, by doing jobs, and by challenging other players, you have carefully choose your opponents, if you win you will get money and experience but if you loose, your opponent will get some of your money.

Daily Players Signup

Partners play an important role in Fantasy Manager, they are necessary for specific jobs, and will give you boost to help you out during the game, partners are friends you invite to the game…

On top of everything, Real Madrid Fantasy Manager features real prizes, like attending a training session, meeting the players and taking pictures with them, or signed t-shirts and balls, or even shields (the game money).

While not as deep tactically as other football manager available, which in my opinion would make the game to demanding considering all the other options, Real Madrid Fantasy Manager is a great management game, lots of management options, team, lineup and training attention, player market with daily change, real world performances involved, social features also very well balanced, fantastic game graphics with all the Real Idols present, make up for one of the best games I have seen, and a must for football lovers in all aspects!

The only drawback I can think of is the fact that I can’t imagine Barcelona Fans playing the Real Madrid team, at the moment you can play Real Madrid or Ac Milan in Ac Milan Version of Fantasy Football, but if developers extend this to other Teams they might appeal to the other club fans.

Tips and Tricks


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