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Resort World is the simulation game that u can feel the owner of your own green island in the Caribbean Sea and tourism business, free from daily cares and responsibilities, develop your island on your own taste, desire and mood!

Resort World Information

Resort World is a simulation game that takes you into an island, you have to build hotels and shops, entertainment centers and restaurants, get profit from them, expand your property, visit your friends, help them to repair their buildings or do chores and organize sabotages!

The main source of your income is tourists. When they spend their vacation on your island they pay certain amount of money for various services.

When you visit your friends’ islands, you may help them to do chores and get money for it. You just need to click the facility with a broom and a bucket on your friend’s island and earn some money!

This is a very nice game from Game Insight, from the genre of other vacation simulation games for Facebook, if you like the genre you should give it a try.

Tips and Tricks


How to play Resort World


No new posts General Gameplay: You are the owner of the island. You build, collect profit and expand your properties.
No new posts Constructing Builidings: Click on a large Build button which is located in the lower left corner.
Choose a building that you want to construct and place it on the map.
Construction of each building requires a certain amount of time.Make sure:

1. You have enough free space (green cells) for the new building
2. The location of where you wanted the new building located is cleared
3. You must have a road that will lead to the entrance of the new building
No new posts Building Roads: In the lower menu click on the button with an image of a road and then choose a location on the map where you want to start building the road. After that you should link this road with any other road on your Island.
No new posts Earning Money: The main source of your income is tourists. They pay differently according to different facilities and services that they have acquired.All buildings (except administrative buildings) automatically accumulate this money up to a certain amount for you to collect.

As soon as you see a dollar sign above a building, it means that the building has accumulated enough money that that is ready to collect.

To earn more:
Water sports- You can make more profit as you place items like boats, catamarans and waterslides in the ocean. Clean Up – Go to your friends’ resort and help cleaning up! Let your tourists have some fun in the sea.

No new posts Leveling Up: To advance your level, you should do the followings frequently:

> Construct
> Repair
> Upgrade facillites
> Buy more
> Collect your profits or help to clean up your friends’ resort!
No new posts Hiring more Staff: The administrative building is the most important building in the game. Each time you upgrade the building you are allowed to hire more staff.
No new posts Powering Up: Each building requires a certain amount of electricity in order to function properly. To increase the level of electric power you should build windmills, generators and solar power plants. (They can be found under the Agencies tab by clicking Build button located at the bottom left).
No new posts Beautifying your Island: With their help you can create a unique tropical island paradise environment, decorate it with parks, alleys with trees and gardens with flowers!
No new posts Sending Free Gifts: Instruction:To send a gift to your friend you should click on the button with an image of a gift box. A new window will appear. You will see three tabs in the window:

Send a gift – contains list of gifts that you can send to your friends.
My gifts – these are new gifts that you received but haven’t opened them yet.
Storage – it is Storage for your gifts. The gifts that you receive are placed in there.

There are two types of gifts: free and paid.
Access the Send a gift tab and choose a gift that you would like to send. Then choose the people who you would like to send your gift to. And now click on the Send a gift button.


You can send 10 free gifts per day. Please note that you can send only 1 free gift per person per day.
You can send various types of gifts to your friends.
Paid gifts can be sent in any quantity.
All the accepted gifts are stored in the Storage (third button of the gifts window). Their quantity is indicated under the gifts.

**If a high leveled gift is sent to a lower leveled player, he/she will still be able to receive it. However, he/she will be able to store it once he/she advances to a certain level.**

No new posts Interacting with your Friends: Help them:You can repair and/or speed up your friends’ buildings that are under construction at your own expense.

Tease them:

Go to your friend’s island. Click on your friend’s building that is under construction and choose the red STOP sign. Remember you canonly stop those buildings which are being in the process of work (e.g. being demolished, constructed or upgraded).

Clean for them:

Help to clean up your friends’ resort !

From the Official game page on Facebook.

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