• Genre: Island Management
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Resortico is a resort building and management Facebook game like Happy Island or Resort World. The main goal of Resortico is to build your dream resort and let your friends interact with it. You have to place beach houses, plant coconut and banana trees, and place several different decorations in order to make your dream Island resort the best possible.

All the normal game features are present, assignments or quests that will give rewards, experience when you do tasks and level up will unlock new items. Friends can be visited and can visit back.

The great thing about Resortico is that is made in html5, this means there is no flash involved, and you can play anywhere, from a windows pc to a mac or a mobile phone that supports chrome, Firefox or IE9. Also it is supposed to be much faster and less resource consuming.

Tips and Tricks

 How to play Resortico (from game help)


Coins & Shells

Coins will let you buy new items. Shells are needed to buy special or expensive items, they allow you to complete assignments or get access to certain content sooner. Coins can be earned by harvesting or collecting. We’ll dive into this later.


The ‘tourist face’ will represent the overall happiness on your resort. If the ‘tourist’ is not as happy as the image shown below, clearly you need to try even harder!


The level bar and stars show your current progress within the game. The more stars you have the more items will be unlocked in the market and the higher the overall quality of your Resort.


One of the most important buttons of the game is the ‘assignments’ button. This button will lead you to the important assignments screen. Assignments can be complete to earn stars, money, shells or special items! If you for example see “1/1”, this then indicates that there is one new assignment out of total one unfinished assignment(s)

On the left side of the assignments window you will see all your open assignments. The green bar shows the progress, the other icons indicate the rewards you will earn on completion.


Let’s you quickly change the sound settings or your resort name.


The market is the place to be! You can buy functional or decorative objects to make your resort even more beautiful!

The market example below shows you the 3 basic categories: “buildings”, “trees & decoration” and “island expansion”. The further you go into the game the more categories will be added. Also each category will get more unlocked and new items. Each item has a certain price, which is shown under the icon. If you ‘hover’ over details you’ll see more information on a object, like it’s use or what you can earn with building it (on collection).


Get social and add your friends to the game. Currently still under construction, however you will soon be able to visit the resort of your friends with one single click and trade goods with them! Obviously friends have many roles within the game, like assisting to complete assignments. Simply click “add friend” to be taken to the invitation page. You first need to invite friends to come play Resortico before they can be added as a Resortico friend. If they are already playing Resortico, you can directly invite them as a Resortico Friend.


Simply click an object to see it’s progress. Once the progress timer is full, you can simply harvest/collect by clicking the harvest bubble.

Move items

Items can be moved as often as you want. When you want to move an item like a tree (or other objects that can be harvested/collected), you will need to click twice before you will see the move or delete menu. When applicable you will see the rotate button, if there is no rotate button the object only has the current view.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!

And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!

And keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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