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  • Genre: Restaurant Management
  • Developer: Playfish
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Restaurant City is a Facebook game where you can manage your own restaurant and cook you own recipes. Cook your way to the top of your street and be the best cafe or restaurant out of all of your friends!

Ever wanted to run your own restaurant, cafe, bistro or diner? Well now you can with Restaurant City! Start with your very own restaurant, hire your friends to as chefs to cook your recipes and dishes! Add waiters or even janitors and keep customers happy!

In Restaurant City YOU decide what kind of restaurant you run! From the chairs and tables right down to the menu, you’re in control! Visit your friends’ restaurants too and trade ingredients to create a menu that is completely yours!


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 Restaurant City guide and tips

  • The best ratio of employees is. 5:3:0. Four cooks, One waiter, No cleaner. This works well with the next tip.
  • The last tip will be ok if you don’t use this trick. Use a narrow, winding way to your chairs. This will give time for your only waiter to clear up the dishes before they arrive.
  • Always have an arcade. An arcade is a way for your waiting customers to unwind. If you played Restaurant City long enough, customers not given a seat and/or didn’t get their food because the restaurant is full, they give you a ‘thumbs down’. When they play the arcade, they end up not giving you a ‘thumbs down’. This way you always get away with one(depending on your number of arcades) that doesn’t give you a ‘thumbs down’.
  • If you absolutely don’t want to have cleaners, you can always redecorate and store your dirty toilets then put them back clean.
  • If you are going somewhere and not be back in 3 hours you better lock up. You can lock up by barring the door with some of your stuff like chairs and the mailbox.
  • Try to shake the trees around your restaurant. They sometimes, drop coins.
  • In restaurant city, an island layout is the best. An island layout is when you put your tables together forming a circle. The waiters will be inside the circle where they can work faster (shorter walks to tables). The customers will be outside the circle.
  • Don’t use toilets. There’s no penatly for not using it. And you will be occasionally cleaning it. Why do the hard work when you can ‘play’ without it.
  • Don’t use the Restaurant City Cheat Engine. I’ve heard it doesn’t work. Don’t try it or your account can be reported when someone notices you.
  • Focus on one recipe per category on your recipe menu. Focusing by buying and getting the ingredients on a single recipe will increase your chances to level it up as opposed to randomly learning all recipes.

Gourmet Points

Just like in Pet Society, Gourmet Points is like your experience where you will gain a level up after reaching a certain number of points. Almost all of your actions in Restaurant City nets your Gourmet Points so just do anything (lol , just kidding). Most of your points will come from your restaurant. Every customer served will gain your some Gourmet points so the more customers you have, the better.


You can decorate your restaurant on the inside and also on the outside. On the outside is more of how you want it to look, if you are rich, you can invest in stuffs there but I don’t see any merit except face value so I’d rather decorate on the inside.

Inside your restaurant, you can design where your cooks will stand and where your tables/chairs are. The general tip here is to lessen the walking distance between your cook and tables for the waiter to have a fast delivery time. You can also make a furniture path for your customers to delay them from arriving in the tables (just like mazing in tower defense games). Delaying your customers means more time for your cooks to cook and waiters to serve before another one gets to sit.

Note that your workers can get overwhelmed by the number of customers so a good design is essential. Here are some good designs.

  • Workers in the middle / surrounded by chairs. This is a very common design where the travel time of waiters is minimized. you simply make a box of tables (stoves for cooks included) and chairs are outside. It’s also fun to see your workers trapped in the middle.
  • Maze. This is a more expensive design that caters to delaying tactics. I might implement this when I’m richer.

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