Rise of Olympia

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Hoolai
  • Monthly Users: 44
  • GD Star Rating

Rise of Olympia is a new strategy game on Facebook, by Hoolai, where you can join your favorite Greek god and battle other players for control of the land and sea…

In Rise of Olympia, you are a ruler aligned with Zeus, Poseidon or Hades in ancient Greece. Grow strong with friends, recruit Heroes, train a powerful army, capture random players’ cities and become a legend! The world is yours for the taking.

Rise of Olympia is more battle centered than most game of this genre, because when you start you already have the main buildings built, and the game centers the gameplay around the recruit of your hero and troops. In the first tutorial quests you will also learn to equip you hero, upgrade equipment, and how to battle other players or recall you land when you eventually loose it to an opponent.

Socially you can add friends, visit, call for help and chat system, the game offers full screen and several other technical options sound, music, zoom, etc…

Tips and Tricks

How to Gain Experience

•Setting out on campaigns, the more enemies killed the more experience you will gain.

•Collecting taxes, recruiting troops and heroes, building structures, upgrading outpost, occupying cities and recovering yours or your friends’ cities

•Putting out fires, feeding heroes and hunting in your own city or your friend’s city.

Leveling up

•The higher your level, the higher the taxes collected.

•The higher the number of cities that can be occupied (additional 1 city each level).

•The larger the amount of heroes that can be recruited.

•The higher your level, the less time you need to wait when recruiting troops.

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